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Alchemy Unleashed

Howdy! I’ve been a little busy this days, but I wanted to share a few things, first of all, now I’m on Facebook, you can find me in Facebook, just type Dann Amakusa an there you go. More new things! Introducing the brand new Da LOL Corner! A new page dedicated to the most funny facts about anime and videogames, feel free to check it out, it will be worth it, anytime there is a new update on Da LOL Corner, it will be first announced here in the main site. Enjoy it!

I’ve made a new design for a new card Type for Duel Monsters, the pics will also be available on Facebook, feel the power of Transmutation!

Transmutation Monsters: A new type of monster cards, they are Gold Colored cards and they are infused with the Sun’s Light. They lived in the past, however, they were sealed with Alchemy to supress their overwhelming power. Now they have been unleashed and are ready to show their power in Duel Monsters!

Transmutation Monsters go into the Main Deck, they have Star Levels, and can only be Special Summoned, like Fusion or Synchro. They can be Set facedown into the Spell and Trap card Zone, but they won’t do anything unless you summon them.

How to perform a Transmutation Summon: First You Must Evoke the Transmutation Monster. Evoke a Transmutation Monster is to play it Face-up on your spell and trap zone, you can flip it face-up if it was already facedown on the field, or place it face-up from your hand, you can Evoke it the same turn you set it facedown. Note: You can only Evoke the Transmutation Monster if you have the requirements listed on the monster card on your side of the field or your hand.

After the Evoke, the next step is the Exchange, to perform a Exchange you must Reveal the required cards that are listed on the Transmutation Monster from your side of the field or your hand, for example, Gwydion, The Soul Banisher lists: Any Monster + Any Spell + Any Trap, so you can only evoke Gwydion if you have those cards on your hand or side of the field, then to make the exchange you reveal those to everybody, for example, I’ve got Royal Decree face-up, Man-Eater Bug facedown and Monster Reborn in my hand, I Evoke Gwydion, then I reveal the 3 cards, (Note: Man-Eater bug is being revealed, not flipped face-up, so it’s effect doesn’t activate, the same goes for any effect monster or Trap or Spell.) After revealing the 3 cards, I move on with the Exchange.

Exchange is to return the revealed cards to their owners deck, (the deck is then shuffled) and then to Special Summon the Evoked monster in any position (obviusly face-up), and there you go, that’s a Transmutation Summon!  

 Note: Tokens cannot be used as Exchange tributes. You can use cards that are either face-up or facedown in your side of the field or in your hand. If you use a card owned by your opponent, it returns to your opponent’s deck.




Well, that’s about it, I made the cards myself, without YGO card maker, everything from scratch, except the Dragon and the phoenix, the dragon is from the Dooma saga, and the phoenix was found on photobucket, however I fused them with the backgrounds, and the rest is my own invention, I also made up the whole Transmutation summon thing, but it is really cool, it would be awesome if Konami made cards like this ones, hope you like them, it took me about 3 hours to make each card, i’m telling you, it wasn’t easy to find the card font, well now that we are with Yu-Gi-Oh!, I’ll finish with the song of the post, today we have Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal opening, Masterpiece by Mihimaru GT, enjoy it!

Hope you liked everything today, hope to see more people on Facebook, I’ll try to update more often, ok, take care!

See Ya!


Broken Bond


So! This is the first post of this month, shoot, i thought that i was going to get a little vacation, but it looks like i was wrong, its just the first week, and i’m very tired, darn it, i had to go to the doctor a few days ago, now i have another business pendant, oh.. i was planning to update a little more sooner, but you know, man propose and God dispose, but anyways, i’m finally here, so, what do we have for today?

A few weeks ago, i wrote about a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Ova that was on the making, if you recall it, it was: “Battle Royal: Yugi VS Judai VS Yusei – Deja Vu Acceleration!”, So, the official site is up, but there is something that is bothering me, is some sites i’ve seen that they refer to this as a new movie, well, i have no idea, if it is confirmed that this is a movie, or if it’s going to be a ova, oh well, the fact is that we are going to see the duel of the new millenium, the site has few info about it, but the cross over pic is just great! wanna see yourself?

Cool! Shoot, if only i could understand japanese… So, this new movie or ova, is to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th anniversary, man 10 years already, i remember the first time i had a duel…. Ok, so, sadly there is no further info available, for now, but now that the offical site is up, everything should go smothly, at least it says 2009, so i guess it will be premiered in the following months (i hope).

So, finally Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, has it’s release date, it is scheduled to be released in North America on 16 of february, 2010. So, that’s going to be my birthday gift! not exatly the same date, only a week of delay, but it’s ok, i was looking forward for it! Yeah, i’m a huge Ace Attorney fan! i’ve got all the games, except, obviusly this one, but i’m going to get it as soon as it arrives! I was kinda of dissapointed… You see, when this game was announced, there were rumours that it was going to be called: Perfect Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth, it sounded cool, more like the opposite for Phoenix, yup, it suited better Edgeworth, thought his record wasn’t perfect, but now, the offical name is: Ace Attorney Investigations, i don’t know why they named it in such way… maybe they believed that people wasnt going to be interested in a prosecutors name, so to keep with the Ace Attorney saga fame, they named it: Ace Attorney Investigations, oh yeah, one more thing, as i’ve seen so far, it looks that it wont be a courtroom system, like in the previous ones, well, i doubt that this is going to be Ace Attorney 5, this is more like a new franchise (heh.. sounds like Franziska) so, the game is already out in japan, but we have again the languaje barrier, so we all have to wait for the american release, really i can’t wait for this game, but i have to… patience…..

I’m still playing Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Konquest mode is really cool! the story of the Armageddon is one of the best i’ve got trought, but the final boss is kinda…. dissapointing… Blaze, a firespawn creature, it’s… well… a firespawn creature! The keeper of the Divine power, whoever defeats it, can make one wish come true, any wish, just like in the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho, so, that’s the main objective here, the intro video is incredible, totally rules! Everyone fighting each other, and then fighting once again to claim the big price! and yet again, the Mortal Kombat begins! The most fun feature, is without a doubt the Kreate a character, you can fully customize your character! and fight your favorite heroes and villains from mortal kombat!

 Talking about Mortal Kombat, i was just checking some info, and i found two things:

The first one, Mortal Kombat 9, after the incredible crossout between Mortal Kombat and DC universe, we all wanted to see a new game with the power of the next gen consoles, and so they are making it: Mortal Kombat 9, announced to be under development for the Xbox 360, maybe we are going to see further info next year… but for now, we only know, that the characters that will return are going to be the ones who could survive Armageddon…..

The Second one, there are rumours, and i repeat, rumours, that the third Mortal Kombat Movie is under the making, there is no official info yet, only two things are known: First, it’s set to be premiered on 2010, and Second, it is going to be called: Mortal Kombat: Devastation, as i said before, this are just rumours, but we have to wait… and hope that it’s for real! Yes, i loved the first 2 movies, i want to see a third one! Once again, we have to wait…..

So, before anything else comes up, i’ll post todays song, this one is very cool, hope you enjoy it!

Today’s song is Death Note’s First ending: Alumina, an incredible deep song, enjoy!



By: Nightmare

English Translation

In the flowing time a momentary sparkle twinkles
I keep walking to engrave the world’s memories, a believer

I had a dream no one else had, I threw away everything I didn’t need
I can’t surrender the feelings I have kept in my heart

Even if I’m still between the real and ideal, and my feet have fallen victim to shackles
These overflowing impulses cannot be suppressed because my heart still strongly yearns

“Lies” “Fear” “Vanity” “Grief”, I’m not so weak as
To be seized by such negativity, I’m a trickster that doesn’t know solitude

I look up at the buildings that pierce the night sky, the stars and such in space invisible
“Will I be lost?” I wonder

The whole town overflowing with tainted people, I won’t be lured by such things
Because I want to see something grab my hand at the end of the road connected to tomorrow

My eyes close and I surface in a sea of consciousness
That’s when I obtain the ideals I’ve pictured

Merely receiving life in the world and withering away is just as stupid as dying
I must obtain what no one else can, the crystal called “oneself”

Piercing through simplicity will one day change to the truth
I want to continue believing in it. It’s just my faith, the absolute truth

In the flowing time a momentary sparkle twinkles
I keep walking to engrave the world’s memories, a believer


Original / Romaji Lyrics 
Nagareru toki no naka matataku setsunateki kirameki wo
Kono yo no kioku ni kizamu tame arukitsudzukeru Believer

Darenimo mirenai yume wo mite iranai mono wa subete suteta
Yuzurenai omoi kono mune ni yadoshite

Mada riaru to idearu no hazama ni ite gisei no kase ni ashi wo toraretemo
Afureru shoudou osaekirenai tsuyoku motomeru kokoro ga aru kara

“Itsuwari” “Osore” “Kyoshoku” “Urei” samazama na negateibu ni
Torawareru hodo yowaku wa nai kodoku mo shiranu Trickster

Yozora wo tsukisasu biru no mure hoshi nado mienai sora miage
“Mayoi wa nai ka” to jibun ni toikakeru

Kono machijyuu afureru mono ni mamire utsutsu wo nukasu you na koto wa nai
Asu e to tsunagaru michi no hate de kono te ni tsukamu mono wo mitai kara

Mabuta wo toji ishiki no umi ni ukande
Omoi egaku risou wo te ni suru sono toki wo

Kagiri aru “sei” wo kono yo ni uke kare yuku dake wa oroka ni hitoshii
Hoka no daremo ga mochienai mono “jibunjishin” to iu na no kesshou e

Kireigoto wo tsuki tousu koto itsuka makoto e kawaru
Kantakuna ni shinji tsudzuketai It’s just my faith. The absolute truth.

Nagareru toki no naka matataku setsunateki kirameki wo
Kono yo no kioku ni kizamu tame aruki tsudzukeru Believer


Yeah! and now the video!

Cool! I hope you liked it! Well then, i guess i should finish for now, let’s see, today is Thursday, i trust i can come back sunday, so until sunday it is!

Take care! !

Minna Sayonara!!

Stardust Combat


Wow, we are just a few days before the next month arrives, tha leaves only four months left to end this year…. ok, then let’s see what’s new for today!

Finally! The singles of both the Opening and Ending of Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas, have been released! I’ve got both of them and they are awesome! Cool music for a cool anime! So, as i said, both singles are already available to get, go for it!

So, let’s switch to games, an incredible game we have! The Psp is getting better and better, and they just announced a new game! And it looks awesome! For Naruto fans, we all believed that the Narutimate Accel saga was going to die alongside the ps2, thank god that wont happen! Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3! Yeah! it is official! Only for PSP! It will cover all the story up to the Sasuke vs Itachi saga, which is suppoused to be the next one in the current anime, so… but if you want to see it yourselves, then here!

Cool! ok, but that’s not the only great game coming out for the psp! We have a lot of them, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d Tag Force 4 is only 2 months from here, the game will cover up to Ancient Prophecy, so that means that the game won’t cover all the Dark Signers Saga, i say this cause the final battle of this arc is against Godwin, whose key card is Earthbound Inmortal:Wiraqocha Rasqa, and this card is inside the Stardust Overdrive pack, and Stardust Overdrive follows after Ancient Prophecy, also, Yusei’s new card that he uses at the end of the Dark Signers Saga, is Savior Star Dragon, and that is the cover card of Stardust Overdrive, so, all points that Tag Force 4, will only cover up to the face off between Yusei and Kiryu, maybe a little more, maybe less, but i doubt it will cover up all the Dark Signers Arc, but who cares, that means that we will have more Yugioh 5d games!

But, the Psp is not going to rule alone! The DS has a lot of promising games coming up! For example, a new Shin Megami Tensei is on its way up for the DS! Yeah! Devil Survivor is one of the best games that the Ds have, and now we will have yet another Shin Megami Tensei game! It will be called: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, i don’t really know much about it… i can’t understand Japanesse, yet.. but if you want to see how is it going to be, here, the official site is up:

The graphics remind me a lot of Devil Summoner and Nocturne, i love all the mega ten games, thought that only a few were released in the States…

July wasn’t a good month for games… but the rest of the year looks promising! So i’ll try to update as soon as i new something interesting!

So i was just playing 2 games, first, Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 on my Ds, i must say, it is incredibily addictive! the gameplay is kind of different of a normal Basketball game, but who cares. is Mario playing basket! and we have a little bonus! Some of Square characters are available to play!  Alongside the Mario Crew, we have the recipe of a very fun game! Not much about game modes, Tourney, Exhibition, and the tutorial, besides of the vs mode, the graphics are very remarkable, the controls are for you to choose, you can play with the stylus, as well as you can play with the directional buttons, the music is fun and attractive, so i have no complains about this one. As a quick review, i’d recommend this very fun game! You won’t regret it!

Ok, the other game is Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, for the Ps2, i didn’t expect to be out so badly of the Story, when i saw that Liu Kang was dead, i said, shoot, what’s going on? The last Mortal Kombat i played was Ultimate Mortal Kombat, so i didn’t knew what happens in the story, even know, i’m not fully aware of the events taking place in Armaggedon, so i won’t take references to story for now, let’s take a look to graphics instead, one word, amazing! cool graphics! the ps2 gave it all for that game! Gameplay, as great as ever, fatalities! Well, i havent made any yet… but i’ll do it eventually, i just played today, so, we have a lot of things to do, and many, many characters, i believe there are 62… wow, that’s quite a long list, but the most interesting thing, is that you can kreate your own character! Mortal Kombat style! and better yet, you can kreate your custom fatality! Didnt tried that one yet, but it sounds awesome! So the game is incredible, and we even have a little minigame! the Motor Kombat! A hilarious racing game with MK characters, all in one game! Without a doubt, MK Armageddon is a must have for every MK fan! you wont regret it! I’m going to play it right now, so i guess i’ll see you all next time!

Oh, shoot, almost forgot, the song! Ok ok, i’ll put the lyrics first, today’s song is another of my favorites, it’s the Opening song for Onegai Twins, Second Flight, i like it very much, hope you like it as well!


Second Flight

By: Kotoko


Kitto meguriawaseta  Tenshi no hon no kimagure da yo
Magarikado de atta mitai ni  Futto hajimatteta

Dou ni mo nannai kimochi
Taisetu sugiru kara moteamasu
Sanpomichi de fuita suna kaze  Kokoro ga hayatteku

Setunasa  Hagurakasu no ni wa nareteru no ni
Konna toki dake namida ga tomerarenai no wa  Naze darou?

Aimai na kisetsu dakara koso
Kasuka na tezawari  Kokoro de kanjite
Kagirareta toki wo ikiru kara
Tatanda tsubasa wo ima sugu hirogete
Tatoe niji ga kowaretemo  Sora wa matteiru

Kitto kara no naka de wa  Subete da to omotteita koto mo
Hitotsu soto ni dereba mugen ni nagarekieru KAKERA

Konnanja sugu ni kako no kuzu ni natteshimau to aseru kedo
Yasashisa ni yowasa ga tokedashi  Fui ni ashi ga tomaru

Namida wo moteasoberu hodo yoyuu ga nai
Kondo dake wa kokoro wo gomakasu you na uso  Tsukenai!

Toki wa modoranai  Dakara koso
Chiisana tameiki  Kokoro de kanjite
Kagayakeru suna wa yume wo mite
Tatanda tsubasa ni minami kaze ukete
Nagai tabi no hajimari wo  Kumo ni kataridasu

Koko ni shikanai MONO wo
Koko kara hajimaru toki wo
Kokoro no hitomi ni utsushi
Soshite subete wo kanji you
HOKORI mamire no tsubasa wa
Koukai mo kitto kate ni suru
Ima dakara  Sou konna ima dakara koso…

Aimai na kisetsu dakara koso
Tashika na kandou  Kokoro ni kizande
Kawareru ashita ga areba koso
Tatanda tsubasa wa sora wo wasurenai
Tatoe niji ga kowaretemo  Sora wa matteiru
Sore ga chiisana hane demo  Kaze wo dakishimete


All right then, now the video! Enjoy!

Sweet! I want to play it on my piano! It’s kind of hard, but i’ll give it a try!

Ok, now i’m off to play Mortal Kombat Armageddon, i’ll see you all next time! Take care!

Minna Sayonara!

Lost Canvas


So, yesterday we had a little quake, i must say it got me by surprise, shoot, but we have been having a lot of these lately, it’s been like 10 years since the last earthquake around here, hmmm, this year has been said to be a seismic year, i just hope that the quakes don’t get stronger…. In today’s newspaper it said that the quake was about 4.4 degrees… hmmm, well, at that moment, i was searching for an old bag, used to belong to my uncle, so once i found it, i took seat, and meanwhile i was examining the bag, the ground suddenly shacked violently, it was like, 4 or 5 seconds, forthwith i went to see how were my mom and my dog doing, they both were fine, in fact, neither of them felt the tremor, i was puzzled, i was more than sure that i felt a tremor, so, the only thing i could do, was to wait until today to see the news. And so, i found that i was right, but even so, nobody knows if something else is going to happen, to only thing left to do, is to pray and have faith in God.

Ok, that was quite an entry, ok, i’ll change the topic, so, i did a little shopping a few days ago, didn’t spend much, I finally got my own copy of: Shin Megami Tensei – Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abbadon, quite a long name isnt it? This game totally rules! I beated the first one, and i must say, it was one of the best games i ever played so far, so i was eager to get this sequel, and finally it’s mine! I took a peek on it, and it looked awesome! The ost have some tracks from the previous game, but im curious to listen to the new tracks, also, the graphics are slightly better than the previous one, and not to mention that the gameplay has been changed, ok, they changed only the combat system, hmmm, IMO, the previous one was better, but i don’t complain, we have more range for the battles, and now you can even summon 2 demons instead of one! Oh yeah, commanding 2 demons is a lot better and very cool! So, the only fact that dissapointed me, just a little, was the demon recruiting system, in the first one, you had to capture the demon, it was cool, you had to weaken it first, and then smash the button to capture it, kind of a pokemon style, just more darker and deeper, but now, instead of capturing the demon, you must use the most traditional recruiting system used in most of the Megami Tensei games, negotiate, shoot, i hate negotiate, the demons are so tricky, several times i got fooled by them… ok, but i guess that’s what makes it unique. So, i just passed the prologue, i don’t want to spoil me the story, but my final words about this game: Totally rules!!! Incredible! If you have a PS2, you must have this game, and better yet, try the first one too, it was: Shin Megami Tensei – Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army, another incredible game, if i had to rank it, i’d give it a 10/10, to both games, i didn’t find any flaws on these games, amazing story, cool gameplay, outstanding music, cooler characters, long life to Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th!

Ok then, i also bought a Naruto Shippuden DVD, i’m up to episode 116, yup, i have Orochimaru’s Death! Thank goodness! Finally we have to see that! There is a lot of story to unfold yet, but if they don’t put much fillers more, what we have left is gold, finally Sasuke will kill that accursed Itachi, i’m eager to see that! And Jiraiya will die in Pains hands, another amazing battle! As for the manga, it looks like the end of the series is near, the last enemy, and the biggest one has finally showed his ugly face!, Uchiha Madara, the one who started all of the story, first betraying the Uchiha Clan and Konoha, then fighting at equals with the First Hoakge, the strongest of all them! Then unleashing the Four Tailed Fox over Konoha, with the result of the 4th Hokage’s death, then he was the former founder of Akatsuki, and he provoked the Uchiha’s clan massacre, also he was the one who corrupted Orochimaru and Nagato, and many more things, but the most important, his secret identity…. Besides pretending to be Tobi, a noob member in Akatsuki, he has been seen within Konoha… and Now he is the 6th Hokage! Yes, Danzo is Uchiha Madara, the strongest of the Uchiha, and the final enemy…. The end is coming… What will happen next? Naruto! Chapter 456, coming next friday! Don’t miss the shocking events of the meeting of the Five Kages!

Wow, that was really shocking! Ok, we`ll have to wait to see what’s going to happen!

Ok then, now i want to talk about Saint Seiya, The Lost Canvas, i finally got the 2 ovas, they are amazing, they put a lot of effort on these, i’m eager to see the rest, they announced that ther would be 13 ovas, but maybe it’s going to take more, bacause the manga is far longer than only 50 chapters, in fact, it is still running out in japan, if i’m not mistaken, chapter 150 was just released, but for now, we only have the first 2 ovas, i must say, the characters are very cool, and the music is even great! The opening song of The Lost Canvas, will feature todays song! So, I hope you like it! Here are the lyrics!


The Realm of Athena



I just wanna know what my life is for
Winning never mattered, I have to play
I haven’t felt like this before
The truth is gonna be revealed today
I really don’t have anyone to slay
No need to live this way
Love will fill the world and it will reign


Saint Seiya, we’re calling out for you
Saint Seiya, help us to come through
The nebulae of confusion
The cluster of trepidation
The whirpools of indecision
Will lead us to the realm of Athena


Funny…, the song is english, i don’t know why, and i don’t know either if the full song will be all english, we just have the tv size, but the song single is set to be released in 2 weeks more, so i’ll keep an eye on this, i’m eager to get the full song! Really, i liked it very much, in fact, now it’s one of my ten favorites! I hope you enjoy it as much as i did, so here is the video, it’s wickedly cool!

Absolutely remarkable!! I love this song! And the video is great, without any doubt, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is the best anime of 2009! 

Well, before i go, a little new more, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d Tag force 4, finally has release date, it’s set for September 19, shoot, i need to get a Psp before that… Oh, but that’s only tha Japanesse Release date, i doubt it will be released in the States, Tag Force 3 was never released in Usa, don’t know why…. But we hope that it gets to Europe, so we all can enjoy it in english, but the news that really made me happy, (besides tha fact that Aki was confirmed to be in the game) is that we will be able to use Dark Synchro monsters! Finally! The powerful and unique Dark Synchro Monsters will be featured in the, by far, greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! Challenge, Tag Force 4!

Ok, that will do for now, so, we shall meet again! Take care.

Minna Sayonara!

Deja Vu

Hi! How are you people? I hope you all are doing fine. About me… oh well, i`ve been feeling more tired but, i will continue with my work, a simple desease won’ t make me quit that easily, shoot, but today i have to go the see the doctor, oh well, i don`t want to talk about that, instead, i have a lot of news for today! Let`s cheer up!

Ok then, which one first? …. Hmmm… ok, how about Saint Seiya? One of the best animes in history, a great story, cool characters and a lot of action! But, what is new about Saint Seiya? well, a few time ago, i wrote something about a new saga for Saint Seiya that was announced, yup, it`s The Lost Canvas chapter, the story of the previous Holy War between Athena and Hades, and we finally have the first 2 ovas! They were released on June 24, but the fact is that both ovas are subbed in both english and spanish and they are already available to download and for purchase on dvd, i haven`t seen them yet, but i hope to buy them tonight, i want them in high quality! But i checked some videos and i must say, they look really awesome! The quality of the design is really remarkable, the characters are quite different, i refer to the stile of the drawings, but it looks great! The music, i haven`t heard the songs… well just a little, and i think they might be great, the songs are: Opening Song: “The Realm of Athena” by EUROX and the Ending Song is: ” Flower Chain” By Maki Ikuno, alongside Marina del Ray, lately i didn`t have the chance to listen to them fully, maybe for the next time… what else…. i can’t say much, i must first see the ovas… but IMO, so far they look great…. so, the titles of the first ovas are:

First Ova: Promise

Second Ova: Hade’s Awakening

The following  ovas titles were already announced, and both the third and the furth ova will be released on August 21, wow, we have to wait a month… oh well, here are the titles:

Third Ova: The Holy war Starts

Fourth Ova: *Inori no hanawa* Not translated yet…

So, the future for Saint Seiya looks shinning bright, let`s hope this keep on like this.

Ok, let’s change the topic, how about if we talk about Pokemon? The 12th Movie is just going to be premiered in Japan, and they are already making the 13th movie…. set to premiere next year… ok, i think this is a little too much… but who cares, i love pokemon, so, i only saw up to movie 10… Dialga Vs Palkia Vs Darkrai, i don`t know how is the english dub tittle, and i don`t care, i prefer a lot the japanesse version, ok, maybe the japanesse names of the Pokemons are kind of hard to say, but the rest is almost the same, this one, without a doubt, was the best Pokemon movie, between the first 10, cause i haven`t seen the other 2… but IMO, Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai, was the best one, incredible music, i loved Darkrai’s song, it was wickedly cool, and the battle was incredible! Ok, next we have the 11th movie, Giratina & The Sky Warrior, ok, i know that this is not the japanesse title, but i like this one better, so, i haven`t seen this one yet… so i only know that it feature Giratina and Shaymin, i`ll see if a can find this movie…. Ok, then we have the 12th movie, Arceus – Towards the Overcome’s Time Space, quite a long title aint it? I`m not sure, but this haven`t been released in japan yet… the story is set… will feature Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and of course Arceus, i don`t know anything more, at least not yet, but i will be pending of any news that might come. Ok, and finally we have the announced 13th movie, almost nothing was revealed about this one.. just that it will feature both Ho-Oh and Lugia, surely, this will be cause of the new games Heart Gold and Soul Silver, so, it doesn’t surprise me, the only thing that i want to know is, that if this is going to feature Dawn, or the new girl that appears on Heart Gold and Soul Silver…. hmmm, i`ll just have to wait to find it out.

More news, this one is quite short, but still, it is very interesting, a new Yu-Gi-Oh! ova has been announced, it will be a special one, the announced title is:  “Battle Royal! Yugi VS Judai VS Yusei! Deja vu, Acceleration!” Hmmm, sounds wickedly cool, they only forgot to put my name there, ok what we have here? Yugi Vs Judai Vs Yusei….. Of course i`ll place my bets on Yugi, he already defeated Judai, so… but Yusei has a quite decent deck, mmm not really, i defeated him very easily, so i doubt he could stand a chance against Yugi, BUT, there is something here… it will be little Yugi, or are we talking about the pharaoh Atem?, hmmm cause if it is only little Yugi without Atem… i might reconsider my choice…. So, this seems to be a tri-party duel, not very common in Duel Monsters, but there is something that is bothering me… the word “Acceleration”…. i wouldn`t like to see a Riding Duel… Why you may ask? It`s true that i am also a Turbo Duelist, and that’s why i know that to be one, you need a different deck, and that means to rebuild your own deck, and it wouldnt be good to see Yugi and Judai with different decks… and plus, i can’t imagine their D-wheels… Yusei is one thing, Judai is other and Yugi is totally another thing, so, i`d like to see a royal battle, just like when they faced off in Battle City, that would be great, well, there is no much info about this, but i hope to find out more.

Next, we have another short new, it is about Harvest Moon, well, in fact it is abour Rune Factory, i wrote a few posts ago that i`ve heard rumours about a third rune factory game (Not Frontier), and finally they confirmed it, so yes, there will be a third Rune factory game, and it will be for the Nintendo DS, it looks that there will be more monsters and some new features, only one scan was around the net, but the official japanesse site is already up,  so, more info will come up later. Talking about Harvest Moon… i just found out that Frantic Farming was delayed…. it won`t be released up to August… shoot, i have to wait a little more.

All right, i think that`s enough for one post, so let’s call it a day, but, before i go, let’s see which one will be today’s song!

Today’s song is one of my favorites, it is the 2nd opening of Shin Getter Robo Armaggedon, the song is called: Heats, and it is performed by one of my favorite japanesse singers! The great Hironobu Kageyama! Ok, first, we will have the lyric!



By: Hironobu Kageyama


Original / Romaji Lyrics 
Atsuku nare yume mita ashita o
Kanarazu itsuka tsukamaeru
Hashiridase furimuku koto naku
Tsumetai yoru o tsukinukero

Nanika ga mune de sakenderu no ni
Kizukanu furi de sugoshiteta
Hageshii ame to kaze ni utarete
Kodou ga ore o yobisamasu

Sou da wasurerarenai
Gamushara sugiru iki kata
Chishio ga moeru nara
Tada sore dake de nanimo iranai

Atsuku nare yume miru kanata he
Yaketsuku hodo ni te o nobase
Kakeagare hitomi o sorasazu
Ikiteru koto o tashikamero

Jibun no imi mo nemurenu wake mo
Biru no sukima ja wakaranai
Kawaita nodo de kouya o mezase
Yokubou nante tokihanate

Daremo osaerarenai
Afureru mune no zawameki
Doko made yareru no ka
Tada sore dake o ore wa shiritai

Atsuku nare takanaru akogare
Honoo no you ni moeagare
Ugokidase to madou koto naku
Sekai o kaeru kaze ni nare

Atsuku nare yume mita ashita o
Kanarazu itsuka tsukamaeru
Hashiridase furimuku koto naku
Tsumetai yoru o tsukinukero

Atsuku nare yume miru kanata he
Yaketsuku hodo ni te o nobase
Kakeagare hitomi o sorasazu
Ikiteru koto o tashikamero

Atsuku nare takanaru akogare
Honoo no you ni moeagare
Ugokidase to madou koto naku
Sekai o kaeru kaze ni nare


English Translation
Burn your passion
Well definitely catch our dreams someday
Start running without looking back
And charge through the cold night

Even though there was something shouting in my heart
I pretended not to be aware of it
Whipped by strong rain and wind
My heartbeat woke me up

Thats right
I cant forget the naughty way of life I had
If I can feel my blood burning
Thats all I need, I dont need anything else

Burn your passion
Start running towards your dream
Burn your hands with your passion
Climb up without taking your eyes off of it
To make sure your still alive

With these buildings in the middle of the valley
I cant sleep without knowing the meaning of freedom
My thirsty throat throws away desires
To go to that wild land

No one can hold down
My heart full of desire
If I do things to the best of my ability
Thats all I want to know

Burn your desire
Engulf it in flames
Move forward with no hesitation
Then you can become the wind and change the world

Burn your passion
Well definitely catch our dreams someday
Start running without looking back
And charge through the cold night

Burn your passion
Start running towards your dream
Burn your hands with your passion
Climb up without taking your eyes off of it
To make sure your still alive

Burn your desire
Engulf it in flames
Move forward with no hesitation
Then you can become the wind and change the world


And now, the video! Hope you like it!

That was so cool, all right, i guess this will do for now, so, it will be until next time!

Once again, thanks everyone, i will announce something next time, i`ve came up with some good ideas, so i might post some, but for now i must leave, but remember, you must have faith! God wil always be with us, no matter what! well then, i guess that’s it, see you all another time!

Minna Sayonara!

Star Force

Hello! And Happy 4th of July! I`m sure that this a great date to write a little, and better yet, to take a little break too. So today is the Independence Day for the USA, God bless America! I`d like to see the fireworks display tonight, nothing better for a summer night, but i don`t think i`d be able to do it, so i`ll just have to wait and watch it on tv, what a great way to begin a new month! So, talking about celebrations, this reminds me that tomorrow, 5th of july, is the anniversary of Venezuela, wow, if i`m not mistaken, they are close to the bicentennial, i think it will be next year… I only want to say, Congratulations for both countries!

Ok, now let`s change the topic, so, what`s new, oh yeah, i did found quite a lot of things this week, well i`ll begin with one of my favorite animes.

This week i was wondering and wondering, and somehow i came up with a idea, i wont spoil nothing for now, cause i`m totalle absorbed with my practice project, i`ll talk about later, so the only thing that i`ll say, is that my new ides is related with Yu-Gi-Oh! But let`s get to another thing, I just found the OST for this great anime, and better yet, it`s the OST from both version, the original japanesse, and the 4kids dubbed version, in case that someone doesn`t know, Yu-Gi-Oh! has different music in the japanesse version that the music we all listenned during the dubbed version, and it`s not only a few tracks, for some reason, 4kids Replaced the music, they made their own soundtrack, IMO both soundtracks are great, the original is more dark and deep, the dubbed is more techno and superficial, but both are great, in fact i spent a good time looking for the dubbed ost, i must say it was very hard to find, but i finally found it, i was so happy, my favorite track is the Egyptian Gods theme and the Seal of Orichalcos, i`m currently downloading it, there a few more tracks that i don`t have, but i will get them eventually, maybe by next week, actually, i`m now getting the first cd of the japanesse ost, it`s kind of heavy, so it may take a while, my favorite track of the original ost, it`s Yami`s theme, Passionate Duelist, it was so cool when during the duel with Jaden, Yami came up alongside the song, and he turned the table, and finally deafeted Jaden. Yup, a great anime just have great music! Now about the 5d`s saga, season 2 just finished… now it`s time for season 3! A mysterious Turbo Duelist is attacking other turbo duelists… oh shoot, i want to see what`s going to happen! darn it, i haven`t even seen the second season… But the great point, i just checked the new opening, it totally rules! As i said before, Yu-Gi-Oh! music always rocks! I was very eager to see this new opening, and it was worth it, shoot! the video is really cool! and Aki looks incredible! I couldnt believe it, she was smiling! She was so cute in her school uniform, that makes me wonder, she looks like she is 20 years old… even thought her profile says she is just 18…. Anyways, the fact that really shocked me was that she was dressed like a cheerleader… I must admit she was very cute, but iom, i doesnt suit her… I like her just like she is, cute and dangerous, i`m never going to forget that quote, oh well… shoot, i just remeber the first duel i had with her… she kicked out my butt, ja ja ja, no really, her damn Black Garden is more dangerous than i thought, and i wasn`t with my real deck too, those who have played WC series known what i mean, so i couldnt expect less, but, once that i got my true deck…. the story was other, oh shoot, off-topic again, so the fact is, that the series is really good!

Say, i`m a big fan of the Rockman series, or formerly known as Megaman, the original saga, in both the anime and the game, was incredible, the Willy wars, when Megaman had to fight the evil genius Willy, oh good memories…. so, the series evolved, and then we all meet the new Megaman X saga, an evolved form of the old good Megaman, with more armor and cool movements, and the introduction of one of my favorite characters, the cool Zero, in an age, where mavericks rule the world, leadered by the evil virus Sigma, a new war unleashed! With a cool manga, great videogames, and an ova, i`m sure that i had that ova, but i dont remeber where i put it…., Rockman X saga was great! As i said, Zero was a cool character in the Rockman series, he was so cool, that he had his own saga! the Rockman Zero saga! More like an spinoff of the series,  but it was great, so this were the golden days for Rockman, alongside with other Rockman spinoff, i`m not certain about how is it, cause i`ve never played none of that specific sagas games, but it looked all right… i`d play one of this days, once i do it, i will write about it, so, everything was going great, until one day…. We all wanted a new Rockman saga, but no one expected what it was going to come…. Then Rockman Exe was born, IMO the worst of the Megaman sagas, formerly known as Megaman Battle Network, this was the only series that i hated from all the franchise, really, c`mon, a net navi? what the heck is that?, chip battles.. OMG, that was so freaking terrible! i was so dissapointed…. So, thanks to that, i stopped paying attention to the Rockman world… i was just about to forget about it… until recently, i found that there have been released a new Megaman saga, as commemorative for Rockmans 20th anniversary, and also, that they had released the videogame of the new series, as usual, i made my investigations….. A new star had born! Ryuusei no Rockman was born! Both as an anime and as a videogame, at the beginning, it looked a lot like Battle network, but the story is totally different, and that`s what caught my attention, the main character, Geo Stelar, is a boy who lost his father, supposedly, he died in the space, i don`t know much, i haven`t seen the series…. yet. The point is that this saga looks incredible, it is currently known as Megaman Star Force, 3 games about it have been released for the DS, i`ve already got them all! Mine are: Dragon, Zerken x Saurus, and Black Ace btw. And the anime looks cool, and the first opening song it`s just amazing, i love the song, and i want to share it with everyone, that`s why the Megaman Star Force opening will feature todays song!

I really like this song very much! The name is Heart Wave, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did it the first time i`ve listenned it!   



By: Misora Hibiki


Romaji Lyric

Tobikau SHIGUNARU sorezore no kyou wo nosete

Onaji shyuuhasu kasane ai kimi to hanasu

Mayoi tamerai wo furi kiri

Soko ni aru hazu no michi wo ikou

Miageru sora wa kokoro ni tsumoru negai no iro

Egaku yume wo utsushidasu

Kanarazu itsuka kono te ni fureru asu he no chizu

Tsuyoku takaku todoku made kagayaite


English Translation

Flying past every signal that rides today

You speak of setting the same joint frequency

Hesitating, faltering, showing the limits

There should be a road there to take

Looking up at the heavens the colors of desire pile up in my heart

I’ll paint my dreams so I can reflect them

One day without fail this hand will touch the map for tomorrow

Stronger, taller, reaching until it shines


And now, the video! Enjoy!

I hope you liked it! Sadly i wasnt able to find the full song… but i wont give up! This song is to awesome! I want to have it full!

So, my project is taking a lot more than i expected, according to the stats, i`m like 70% done about the script, and the programming… well just like 10%…. but, it will be worth it, at this rate i can`t tell if the soft will work, so i`ve got to hurry up, that reminds me, i have to download something else, oh shoot, i`ll never finish at this rate, i`d better get going if i want to end soon, so i`ll just leave for now, thanks everyone for returning here in a while, i`d like to have more visitors, but there is no rush, so take it easy for now, and relax!

Thanks again for everything and i hope to see you all soon, and remeber, God will always be with us!

Minna Sayonara!

Neo Revolt

Hi! Whoa, i never thought that i was actually going to pass the 100 hits! All right then, this days i was wondering about the fate of this blog, and finally i made up my mind, first of all, i`ll keep this blog only as my own personal site, so about the fact of listing here things that should be done in a proper website, i wont write anymore about those kind of things, instead i`ll only write about myself and other things that i have interesse, nothing else, the same goes for the other pages inside the Crossroads of Chaos, so in order to get news about other things, i`ll have to wait until the other web is finished.

Ok then, what`s up? well, i`ve updated my profile (Chaos Savior) and the Game Road as well, for the next post i`ll update the Anime Road  and maybe add something new.

I`m just about to get my PSP! if everything goes as planned, i`d be playing Monster Hunter for next month, mmm i`ve decided which games i will order along with my PSP, Monster Hunter 1, Darkstalkers: The Chaos Tower and Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx Tag Force 2. So this means that my DS will have a little vacation, in the meanwhile i`ll play one game more, my Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Usually i dont like to play games that have the use of th stylus, but finally i got a protector for my tactil screen, so this is going to be great! On a side note, i just got the manga of Pokemon Ranger Battonage, in english, very cool, thats why im going to play the game!

Well.. finally i got my copies of Miami Law and Flower, Sun and Rain, and even better i got a copy of Front Mission DS, but i doesnt end there, i have yet to order a lot of games more, this is the list:

For DS:

– Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (Comes out next week) – Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming (Comes out in two weeks)

For PS2:

– Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2; – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abbadon; – Persona 4; – Suikoden Tactics; – Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament; – FullMetal Alchemist 2

For PSP:

– Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories; – Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes; – Castlevania: Dracula X; – Star Wars: Battlefront; – Tekken Dark Resurrection; – Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden; and many more, but those ones as a start.

I`ll need a lot of money…. damn, maybe i shouldnt spend too much,  oh yeah, if you`d like to know the reason that why i`m getting a PSP, well, here it is:

5d tag force 4


I`m a duelist, so i have to face every challenge that comes, and better yet, i`m going to face the Dark Signers, and maybe the Earthbound Inmortals, yess, i cant wait to duel!

And now, for today`s song! It`s the opening song of the new season of Full Metal Alchemist Shintetsu or also known as Brotherhood, the song is called Again, i like it very much, hope you like it as well!! 

So, the song is kind of new, so the lyric it`s still being tranlasted, so i`ll only leave the jap lyric, i hope you enjoy it!



Yume no tsuzuki
Oikakete ita hazu nano ni

Magarikunetta hosoi michi
Hito ni tsumazuku

Ano koro mitai ni tte
Modoritai wakejanai no

Nakushite kita sora wo

Wakattekuremasu you ni

Gisei ni natta you na
Kanashii kao wa yamete yo

Tsumi no saigo wa namida janai yo
Zutto kurushiku shou tte kunda

Deguchi mienai kanjou meiru ni
dare wo matteru no?

Shiroi no-to ni tsuzutta you ni
Motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo

Nani kara

... Genjitsu tte yatsu?

Kanaeru tame ni

Wasurechai sou na
Yoru no manaka

Bunan ni nante
Yatterarenai kara

...Kaeru basho mo nai no

Kono omoi wo keshite shimau niwa
Mada jinsei nagai desho (I'm on the way)

Natsukashiku naru
Konna itami mo kangei jan

Ayamaranakucha ikenai yo ne
Ah, Gomen ne

Umaku ienakute
Shinpai kaketa mama datta ne

Ano hi kakaeta zenbu
Ashita kakaeru zenbu

Junban tsuketari wa
Wakkate kuremasu you ni

Sotto me wo tojitanda
Mitakunaimono made

Iranai uwasa ni chotto
Hajimete kiku hatsugen docchi?

Ni kai attara tomodachi datte?
Uso wa yamete ne

Akai ha-to ga iradatsu you ni
Karadan naka moeteirunda

Honto wa
Kitai shiten no

... Genjitsutte yatsu?

Kanaeru tame ni

Sakebitaku naru yo
Kikoete imasu ka?

Bunan ni nante
Yatterarenai kara

...Kaeru basho mo nai no

Yasashisa niwa itsumo kansha shiteru
Dakara tsuyoku naritai (I'm on the way)

Susumu tame ni
Teki mo mikata mo kangei jan

Dou yatte tsugi no doa
Akerundakke? Kangaeteru?

Mou hikikaesenai
Monogatari hajimatterunda

Me wo samase
Me wo samase

Kono omoi wo keshite shimau niwa
Mada jinsei nagai desho?

Yarinokoshiteru koto
Yarinaoshite mitai kara

Mou ichido yukou

Nakaeru tame ni

Sakebitaku naru yo
Kikoete imasu ka?

Bunan ni nante
Yatterarenai kara

...Kaeru basho mo nai no

Yasashisa niwa itsumo kansha shiteru
Dakara tsuyoku naritai (I'm on the way)

Natsukashiku naru
Konna itami mo kangei jan

Sorry but my time is up, i`ll write a little more next time, thanks agian for all your support! and hope to see you soon!
Minna Sayonara!