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Photon Strike

Hi! Sorry about the update delay, I just got sick, and I was unable to d many things, however I finally finished the new logo for the site and the one that will mark all my work from now on! Yes, that’s the first step! Everything should come up steadly from now on. In case anyone didn’t notice, there are 2 new pages, The Workshop and Rayo Project. RP is the place where my new logo is displayed, I made it myself! The Workshop is my own, umm, workshop! Every time I manage to advance in one of my projects, I will post all the progress there and many details about them, first I will reveal them, once I get a good proof of it’s quality and development.

Ok, during this weeks there have been many and many news coming out…. one it’s a little old, but I just discovered it! Ok, 3 news for now….

– The Wii’s succesor: Well, this one was a shocker for me, I really wanted to believe that the wii could survive, at least until 2013, sadly, Nintendo has already confirmed that they are working on a new home console, currently nicknamed as “Project Cafe” (weird name if you ask me) or as some people call it Nintendo Stream (dunno why) My guess is that Nintendo wanted to keep this new console as a secret, at least until this years E3, and it makes a lot of sence, almost nobody was expecting a new Home Console this year, it was going to be the surprise of the year, and I say it was, ’cause 2 weeks ago, a french technology site leaked info about Ninty’s new console, although it wasn’t very accurate, but the fact was stated, Nintendo is going to suceed the wii, and now there is no doubt about that, the problem here is, what do ew know about this console? The answer: very little, there a lot of rumours about the new console to be “as powerful as an 360” or even superior to both 360 and Ps3, most logic answer would be to be more powerful, how much, we have to see yet. About the system, it has been confirmed to be backward compatible with Wii and gamecube games, so it will have the motion controls from the Wii, but what about the new innovation that Nintendo promised us? Well, there is a rumour about the control being something like an Ipad with buttons, and a smaller touch-screen…. ok, I don’t know how to say this, so the only thing I’m going to say is… wait until this years E3, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president, said that the new console is not only going to be announced in this years E3, but It also is going to be playable! So we must expect some launch games to be announced for its comercial release dated for 2012. Actually this would explain a lot, it was not normal for Nintendo to forget about wii without a reason, damn, since last year we didn’t have not even a single good Wii exclusive game and the new console explains everything, they were working non-stop in secret! And we should expect a lot of surprises in this years E3! On a side note, Iwata did state that even though a new console is in the horizon, that doesn’t mean that the Wii is Dead and buried, he promised that there are various unnanounced tittles headed to the wii during this years course, I really hope this is true! We only had the light of Zelda Skyward Sword, and the hinted Kirby and Pokemon games, but there is a little hope, and more with the rumour of Xenoblade being localized. As I said before, we have to wait for this years E3.

– The PlayStation Network – Ok, I’m not a Sony fanboy, I have a DS, a Ps2, a Wii, and this year I’m going to get a 360. The fact is, some hackers attacked the PlayStation network, and it is been down for almost 2 weeks, it is hard to believe that a Big Company like Sony, would fall like this, but it happened, dunno what the hackers wanted, there was a rumour that they could get their hands on the PSN users credit card numbers, but it wasn’t confirmed, at least not that I know about it, however, the problem is, who did it, and why? Sony has already promised that the network is going to be back soon (they said propably during this week), and that they were going to reward their consumers with a free month of PS Plus services, although this is not very useful, ’cause they said that the PlayStation Store is not going to be available until the end of the month, no good. Naturally, the first suspects were the ones who created the Jailbreak, but naturally as well, he already denied being part of the attack, so, only time will tell, if  sony will manage to fix the psn… or if they are going to catch the hacker, or if the people will trust sony again, indeed they will, so let’s see what happens in the following days…

– Street Fighter Ex 4 WAS a reality: Ok, this one is not new, but I just found about it. I’m a huge fan of the Street Fighter series, and the EX ones are my favourite series, I own them all, EX Plus alpha, EX 2, and EX 3. I was a little dissapointed with EX 3, the tag game was not that great, and even more with the release of Tekken Tag. However the characters and normal gameplay is awesome, and the graphics are not that bad looking. The game is developed by Arika with Capcom, fans where waiting for a fourth game to compense for the lacks and flaws of the third one, but that never happened, or that was what we thought, today I found about Project Ex4. It seems that Arika was working on EX 4, but capcom denied the project, dunno why, it seems that they wanted to do SF 4 instead, and so they did, maybe because EX 3 didn’t get the appeal they wanted, but the game wasn’t as good as the first one, which forged a new type of fighting. Sadly Ex 4 was buried, Capcom knows why…. but today I would like to ask, make Ex4! You won’t regret it!

This is how Ex 4 was going to be………

Credits to Streetfighterex wikia for the pic!

Well, today was a big update, one more thing before I go, the video!

Street Fighter II V Opening 2, Song: Ima, Ashita no tame Ni by Shuji Honda

Hope you liked the video! Ok, it’s time to say goodbye, take care!



Rising Storm

It’s been a long time, a very long time.

To be honest, I forgot about this place, MSN reminded me with the closing of Windows Live Spaces, although the only good feature of the merge is the alert for windows live contacts, anyways, I’ve decided it was about damn time to update this place, so here I am. First of all, an stetic change, the old theme was really good, but I’ve always liked the idea of changing things, trying out new ideas, and I loved the size for the new header, and plus I could customize the background, and many other things I could add, but for now, it looks pretty good.

The new header, man I love that pic, in case anybody is wondering, I made that pic myself, it would be nice if anyone could comment about it, and if someone really liked it and would like to ask a custom one, feel free to ask, I’ll do my best, although for now I only focus on Anime and Games. Yup, I’ve learned alot about making those, I’ve been working spriting for my Pokemon Project, so making a pic like that is piece of cake, in fact, the new header took me like, about an hour, (actually 2 hours, it took me 1 hour to get the characters pics, rip them and clean them) I’m not a roockie, however I’m not a Pro either, but I know I will get better.

On later posts I’m going to reveal a little more about another project I’m currently working on.

Ok, now for more interesting things, I might post from time to time some goodies that are floating around the net, sooo I’m going to be more useful and I’m going to post here some of them, hope you like them.

First One: Street Fighter X Tekken.- Ok, I’m sure a lot of people are aware of this game, but also there are others who doesn’t even know about it’s existence, this is a little resume of what we know: Street Fighter X Tekken is a fighting game developed by Capcom for the Xbox 360 and the Ps3, (not to be confused with Tekken X Street Fighter, wich is A DIFFERENT game and it is being developed by Namco for the same consoles) So far, only SFxT has showed some footage, the game was revealed last year on San Diego Comic-con, not much was revealed, a little vid where Ryu was Fighting Kazuya and then they switched to Chun-Li and Nina, so yes, the games has a Tag function, pretty much like Tekken Tag Tournament. That was all, until a few days ago, In capcoms Captitave 2011, a really cool trailer was shown and a few gameplay vids, so far there are 5 characters confirmed for both sides: On the Street Fighter corner: Ryu (obviusly), Ken, Chun-Li, Guile and Abel. On the Tekken side: Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk and Bob.

So far the game looks awesome, the gameplay, is more street fighter oriented, no surprise, that’s the reason Namco is developing TxSF and that one will be more Tekken oriented, wonder how will Namco deal with Hadoukens? If you played Capcom vs SNK, you won’t have trouble with this one, however Tekken veterans may struggle a bit, as most of the combos don’t look as natural (and sometimes complex) like on any Tekken game, we know Capcom, they make the most simple control for fighting games, but it doesn’t matter, this game is one in a kind, so if you like either Street Fighter or Tekken, it is good to try this game, well when it comes out, we have to wait until this years E3 to see more characters and hopefully a Release Date.

I’ve got other news, but this post is going too long, and people gets bored easily, so I’m no going to post song lyrics anymore, unless I really feel the urge for it OR if someone requests one, Once again currently, only anime and/or game things. Before I finish this re-update, I’ll continue with the openings and endings I used to post, so today we have a good one, The opening 2 for Inazuma Eleven, Maji de Kansha by T-Pistonz+KMC, Enjoy!

Ok, it would be nice if you could tell me if you like the new site, or anything else, well, I guess it’s all for now, it surelly worns out to update a site like this, so I’m out of here,  everybody take care, thanks for reading, and be sure to comeback! Because I will….