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Spiritual Rekindle

Hi Again!

How are you today? I’m fine, just a little tired, but only a little, ok, as I promised on the previous post, today i’m going to continue with the top 5 (of my favourite) upcoming games for this year, on the previous entry, we were with Nintendo, today, let’s see what Sony has to offer, so, let’s begin!

PlayStation Portable.- Ok, the PSP is one of the best consoles ever, so many incredible games have been exclusives of this great portable console, and we wish it a really long life! But now let’s check which games are going to be released on the following months.

– La Pucelle: Ragnarok.- Ok, not many people might now what is this about, La Pucelle is a Tactical RPG game that was released quite some years ago, better known as: La Pucelle Tactics, an exclusive game for the PS2, and so, it was the first game from NIS America, for the PS2, and slowly, NISA began to localize more and more games that we know and love, like all the versions of Disgaea, all the Atelier Iris, Phantom Brave, the Mana Khemia games and so many more. Ok, so, La Pucelle Tactics was a great and funny game, playing as Prier, a cute (but temperamental girl) And an interesting cast of characters, ok, the fact is, that this game is suppoused to be a kind of sequel to the game, in fact, the game was just announced, but the official site is already up, if you want to see it yourselfs, then:  So, one last thing, it is said that there are going to be some characters from other NIS games on this, (coughDisgaeacough) but as i said earlier, the game was just announced, the release date is from the japanese version, we will have to pray for an english version, it is more likely they are going to do it, due to the competition with Atlus, which we will see more later, so for now, i’m going to dream with Prier, Yay! Release Date: Japan 11/26/2009

– Naruto Shippuden Legends: Akatsuki Rising.- Ok, ok, i now most people are more eager to see info about Narutimate Accel 3, i’m one of them, but this game looks awesome too, at the beginning, this game was going to be awaited with a red carpet, but then, suddenly and without any warning, we heard the first news about Narutimate Accel 3, but, so far, there is no release date, and the game is most likely to be japanese only, even so, it is now, one of the best games to be released on a PSP. Ok, let’s see what we have, Akatsuki Rising is going to be released on the USA, it is not a fighting game, it is more like a sequel to the Uzumaki Chronicles that were released for the PS2, obviously with the Shippuden characters, and it will follow the Shippuden Story Arcs, maybe up to the Gaara rescue arc, not much, but it is something, the best part is that you will be able to play in both sides of the story, you can play as Naruto and friends in order to save Gaara and stop Akatsuki, OR you can play as Akatsuki and try to destroy your enemies! It has been confirmed that it will feature 42 characters, the only Akatsuki characters that you can select are: Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, True Sasori and Sasori with Hiruko, too bad, it would have been great to play as Hidan and Kakuzu, but if the game has success, it is more likely that we are going to see an Akatsuki Rising 2, so, let’s hope for the best. Release Date: North America 10/06/2009

– Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines.- Finally! Yes, yes, this game looks so awesome! Assassin’s Creed, the new generation of stealth, alongside Snake of course!, A brand new adventure, with one of my favourite characters ever, once again, alongside Snake of course!, Altair, this time, he returns to fulfill his destiny, and to continue his quest, to vaninquish the Templars, yes, this game will be a sequel of the original Assassin’s Creed, and it is here to answer all the questions that were left at the end of the original Assassin’s Creed. They said that there are some new features that were added to this version, currently i have no idea of which those could be, we’ll just have to wait to find it out! Don’t worry, the original gameplay hasn’t been changed, so we will have an incredible game! Release Date: North America 11/17/2009

– Shin Megami Tensei: Persona.- A master piece of the RPG genre, Shin Megami Tensei have a lot of tittles, but all of them are great, at the beginning, the games were only available in Japan, that was really awful, but suddenly, Atlus started the localization of the games to the USA, a great move! Shin Megami Tensei has so many different styles of gameplay, for each one of it’s games, we have the Devil Summoner sagas, the Devil Children sagas, the Persona saga, the digital devil saga and the main story, that goes around the normal Shin Megami Tensei. Ok then, this game is a remake of the original Persona that was released a lot of years ago for the PSx, if i’m not mistaken, the game was only in japanese, then Persona 2 was released and translated, also for the psx, but now, the original Persona is being remade for the PSP, new game content, better graphics, and many more things. One of the best things of the Shin Megami Tensei games, is the music, original awesome, just one of the best soundtracks in the rpg world, and even in the gaming world. Release Date: North America 09/22/2009 

– Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: Tag Force 4.– And finally! The i-can’t-wait-to-get game! My most awaited game for this year! Really, this is the game that im waiting, my reason to keep holding on! Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D is my favourite anime, and so, i’m so happy to play the games! In Tag Force 4, live the events of the Dark Signers Arc, alongside your tag force partner! Select from over 3500 different cards, to make your deck the ultimate deck! Featuring cards up to Stardust Overdrive, and the greatest feature of all, the introduction of the powerful Dark Synchro Monsters! Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Tag Force 4, promises to be the ultimate challenge for all the duelists on the world! Only for PSP! Release Date: North America 11/17/2009

So, wasn’t it great? On next post we will continue with the greatest 5 upcoming games for the rest of this 2009!

Now, let’s get a look to today’s song! Featuring the opening from Disgaea 2, Sinful Rose, enjoy!


Sinful Rose

By: Yoko

English Translation

A poisoned apple, to those who stand in the way
It’s the strategy, as promised
Betrayal and the like  doesn’t feel so wrong anymore
As the undead butterflies dance ’round with their black wings

Dance, you fools!  In this banquet of massacres
Dance till your petals flutter away
In the sweet garden, staging the night of the samsara
Beckon the prey  and drive ’em crazy  oh sinful rose

Give mercy to the beasts
With a cleansing that would make even God suspicious
Your deceitful words  are like a poisonous spider’s trap
Aim for the little sheep  with your illusions drenched in sin

Kiss the fallen angels  with your corrupt lips
It’s reality – no matter how unjust it is
Throw away the mask of common sense  and enter the world of ecstasy
Choose the sacrifice for tonight  oh sinful rose

While playing the twilight melody, “Rather than my crumbling destiny,
I just believe in only myself”, that’s the rose’s truth

Dance, you fools!  In this banquet of massacres
Dance till your petals flutter away
Throw away the mask of common sense  and enter the world of ecstasy
The sacrifice for tomorrow (beckon the prey)  drive ’em crazy  oh sinful rose


Original / Romaji Lyrics
jamamono ni wa dokuringo
o-yakusoku no hakarigoto
uragiri nado mou akutoku ja nai
kuroi hane habatakasu fushichou no RONDO

odore orokamono domo  satsuriku no kyouen ni
hanabira maichirasu hodo
rinne no yoru wo kazaru kanbi na hanazono
emono sasotte kuruwaseru  tsumi na bara

KEDAMONO ni wa awaremi wo
kami wo kidoru kireigoto
itsuwari no kotodama  dokugumo no wana
tsumibukaki maboroshi de kohitsugi wo nerau

midareochita tenshi ni haitoku no kuchizuke wo
ayamachi koso ga shinjitsu
risei no kamen sutete kairaku sekai e
konya no ikenie erabu  tsumi na bara

tasogare no senritsu kanade horobiyuku sadame yori
tada jibun wo shinjita dake  sore ga bara no shinjitsu

odore orokamono domo  satsuriku no kyouen ni
hanabira maichirasu hodo
risei no kamen sutete kairaku sekai e
ashita no ikenie (emono sasotte) kuruwaseru  tsumi na bara


Awesome! And now the video!

Cool! Hope you liked it! Well, as for today, we are done, hope to see you soon! Take Care!

Minna Sayonara!


The Last Element


Ok, this has become a weekly update, better once a week than once a month, don’t you agree? All right, i’m going to get back to University this week, so i’ve been busy with all my preparations in order to be ready, that doesn’t mean that i’m going to forget about this place, well maybe a little during test periods, but it wont be more than a week, so, let’s go to today’s topic, i’m going to post MY Top 5 games, that will be released in the upcoming months, but only releases for this year, yup, let’s get a look to what 2009 has to offer before it’s time runs out, so, today we’ll begin with Nintendo!


Lately, the Wii has been a little dissapointing, it didn’t have many good games compared with the other consoles, until know, here i will present you, my can’t-wait-to-get games list for this upcoming 2009:

 – Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki.- Ok, Naruto games have always been great on the Nintendo consoles, since the first clash of ninja for the Nintendo Gamecube, up to the Ninja Taisen EX 3 on the Wii, a good gameplay with a good cast of characters, now, the future, Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki presents a brand new element to Naruto, Armor and Weapons, the weapons are a lot more elaborated than the custom shuriken and kunai, and Sasuke’s Katana, this might get a little twist from the original series, until now, i’ve got no idea of the purpouse of the armors, oh, and one thing more, something else is new, there are Dragons on the game, new Dragons never seen before, maybe you’ll summon them? Once again, i’ve got no idea, Dragons aren’t very common on the Ninja world, at least in Naruto, confirmed characters are: Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Team Hawk, further info, to be revealed. Release Date: Japan: 11/26/2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.- Another Wii exclusive, this time, Resident Evil, the sequel to the first RE: Umbrella Chronicles, once again, you have the power on you wii mote, as a shooter just like the previous one, said to answer all questions from UC, and in case you are wondering, i’m going to put the list of confirmed characters so far: Leon S. Kennedy, Clair Redfield, Marvin Branagh, Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, Sherry Birkin, William Birkin, Annette Birkin, Steve Burnside, Alexia Ashford, Alfred Ashford, Chief Brian Irons. Capcom said that this game will be a lot better than the first one, we’ll have to wait to find it out. Release Date: North America: 11/17/2009

Sakura Wras: So Long, My Love.- Ok, i must say, i’m not a fan of the Sakura taisen series, but for some reason, this game looks pretty awesome, ok, first of all, it is a RPG, you will have your character (dunno if you are going to be allowed to create your character) but, you will take place in the main series, you will fight alongside the protagonists (which are almost female) and you will have your own mecha, and fight in both ground and air, but that’st not all, you’ll have to interact with the characters, answering questions and doing things for them, to get one of the possible endings, yes there are different endings, ok, the fact is, this game will be a Sim Date RPG, so far, sounds great, i haven’t seen pics yet… except for the logo of the game, oh yes, the game was confirmed to be released in USA, so don’t worry about the languaje, it will be in english. Release Date: North America: 11/10/2009

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.- Finally! This game was released in japan a while ago: Harvest Moon: Exciting Animal March, now it has been finally confirmed to be out in USA, the game is like a sequel for Tree of Tranquility, the same cast will return in a brand new adventure, this time, besides farming you’ll have to befriend and take care of exotic animals! The first Harvest Moon that will let you take care of Penguins, Pandas, Lions, and many more! Release Date: North America: 10/20/2009

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.- And now! The game that i want the most for the Nintendo Wii! Shattered Memories is a remake of the very first Silent Hill that was released several years ago for the PSX, once again, we will play as Harry Mason, a Young Father who is traveling with his only daughter, but suddenly, they are dragged to the Mysterious Town of Silent Hill, where Harry will face something worse than his deepest fears… Terror and despair, all mixed together to make you feel the fear more real than ever before. Release Date: North America: 11/03/2009

Awesome! Those were the best five games for the Wii that will be out on the following months,  on the next post i’ll continue with the other consoles, but for now, let’s go to today’s song!

Featuring Rurouni Kenshin, today’s song is it’s sixth ending song, one of my favourite songs, 1/3 No junjou na kanjou, Enjoy!


1/3 True Feelings

By: Siam Shade

English Translation

Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won’t reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn’t even saying “I love you”
On the long, sleepless nights, the images I send to you
whisper “that is love”.
continuously shaking speech that moves you to tears
changes into a slight fever mingled with a sigh

Give me a smile and shiny days, by your smile
I can withstand the cold of a frozen night.

Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won’t reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn’t even saying “I love you”

Like rain in the middle of summer, the dry, bareness moistens, your smile is bright.

Give me a smile and shiny days, don’t clear up so quickly!
Because we can overcome any wall that stands in our way.

Whoever you love, these images will reach them, right?
Don’t say you can find them, your words are dancing in space.
The further apart you go, the more it hurts the person you love
The more I chase them, the more my heart feels the cruel distance

Give me a smile and shiny days,
Give me a smile and nice days,
If only we could meet in an embrace…
Whoever you love, these images will reach them, right?
If only you had said so in your dreams
Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won’t reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn’t even saying “I love you”


Romaji Lyrics

kowareru hodo aishitemo sanbun no ichi mo tsutawaranai
junjou na kanjou wa karamawari I love you sae ienaideiru my heart

nagaku nemureani yoru ga kimi e to omoi sore wa koi na n desu to sasayaku yo tomedonaku katari nakeru yureru todou wa binetsu majiri no tameiki e to kawaru
give me smile and shine days kimi no smile de
itetsuku yoru samusa no mo good koraerareru

kowareru hodo aishitemo san bun no ichi mo tsutawaranai
junjou na kanjou wa karamawari i love you sae ienaideiru my heart

mannatsu no ame no you ni kawaita suhada uruosu kimi no egao ga mabushikute

Give me a smile and shiny days, kyuu ni sumasanaide
donna ni konnan de nankan na kabe mo koeru kara

dore dake kimi wo aishitara   kono omoi todoku no darou
mitsumerareru to ienai   kotoba ga chuu ni mau
hanarereba hanareru hodo    itoshii hito da to kizuku
motomereba motomeru hodo ni   setsunai kyori wo kanjiteru my heart

Give me smile and shine days
Give me smile and nice days
moshi mo kono ude de dakishime-aeta nara
dore dake kimi wo aishitara   kono omoi todoku no darou
yume no naka de wa tashikani    ieta hazu na noni
kowareru hodo aishetemo san bun no ichi mo tsutawaranai
junjou na kanjou wa karamawari   I love you sae ienaideiru My Heart


A great song without a doubt, and now lets check the video!

Well, i guess that will do for today, i’ll see you all next time, take care!!

Minna Sayonara!