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Rayo Project

Rayo Project is the official name for all the work I’m in charge of, and every single work I’m going to develop from now on. Basically is like my very own trademark, so from now on, all my releases will bear the new logo. I made the logo myself, Every single detail was made from scratch, and I’m very proud of it. Any new changes about Rayo Project will be posted here (new members, new logo, new updates, etc, etc).

A little biography:

What is Rayo Project? – Rayo Project is my own Trademark, From now on I will work on many projects, mostly games and maybe a few things more, so, this will be my personal sign in such projects.

How this Project started? – A few years ago I had the idea of making my own manga story, so I gathered a few of my friends, and with a little help from them, I managed to create a solid story with a good cast of characters, and then I was suggested to publish my ideas, so, I needed a logo and a name, and I started thinking, and thinking, and I that’s how the project was born.

What does Rayo Project mean? – Rayo is the name of my Dog, sadly he passed away 3 months ago, he was a Border Collie, a black one, that’s why the logo design features a collie dog. I really miss him, and I hope to do something good for all the stray dogs in the future, and then if god allows me to live long enough, this logo will be featured there.

What projects are you working on? – Currently I’m working on 2 of 5 projects I have, however this projects will be posted on a new page on this site.

 I will add more later, if someone has a question, feel free to ask.


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