Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

Da LOL Corner

Welcome to Da LOL Corner!  This page is dedicated to the most funny anime and games jokes I was able to found, it is good to laugh once a while, and it also helps our health, so enjoy the gallery! Anybody is free to copy any pic from Da Lol Corner. Once again Welcome and Enjoy!

How it works: Every pic will have: The tittle, a little comment about it, the requirements needed to understand it, and the pic. Some pics are animated!

WARNING: If you don’t know anything about anime, manga or videogames, then most likely you won’t understand a crap of this page.

10.- Overwhelming Power! Goku shows us how powerful he is!

Req: Dragon Ball Z




9.- WANTED! Somehow this looks familiar…

Req: Cowboy Bebop, Tsukihime






8.- Some habits can’t be forgotten! Light used the Death Note a bit to much…

Req: Death Note






7.- Run Squall Run! Rinoa has something to tell you.

Req: Final Fantasy VIII





6.- Consequences of Fan Pairing! Well.. Naruto and his friends found out that the fans were pairing them… and perharps something more….

Req: Naruto






5.- Fish Fighter 2! Ken shows the fish and fishermen who is the boss!

Req: Street Fighter



4.- Kira Claus! It looks like Light found another way to change the world…

Req: Death Note





3.- Too Many Time travelers! Doraemon was the pioneer, but nowadays, almost anybody can do it…

Req: Doraemon, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, The Girl who leapt throught Time






2.- Audino’s power is over 9000! If you beated out many audinos…. then this one will make you regret it.

Req: Pokemon Black & White, Dragon Ball Z





1.- POKEruto! Have you ever wondered what would happen if Naruto and Pokemon were mixed up? Well…..

Req: Naruto, Pokemon


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