Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

Chaos Savior

Hello, and Welcome to the Crossroads of Chaos.

My Name is Dann, (in fact is Danny, but i prefer Dann)

About myself…. well I`m 21 years old, my birthday is on february 9. Right now I’m studying engineering at university, is kind of hard, but i`ll keep on it.  Physically I`m Tall, about 1,82 [m], my hair is black coloured and my eyes are dark brown.

More about me.., I Love Anime & Manga, of course i love videogames too, My Favourite Music is J-pop, and a bit of Rock. I Like to read books a lot, but my favourite book ever is “Divine Comedy” or also know as “Dante`s Inferno”, i`ll give a little explanation later. So here is my fav. anime list, i won`t put it in order, and for now i`ll only list 10: Yu-Gi-Oh! (Zero, GX, 5D), Naruto (Shippuden), Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball (Z, Gt, Kai), Pokemon, One Piece, Death Note, Rave Master, Saint Seiya, Shaman King, i could be here all morning listing many more, but i guess that will do for now. Let`s Continue, now my fav. video games, same as with the animes: Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships (2003 – 2009) for DS, Castlevania Symphony of The Night for PSX, Brave Fencer Musashi for PSX, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for PS2, Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube, Super Mario RPG LotSS for Snes, Mario Tennis Advanced Tour for GBA, Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Pc, Pokemon Series for GBA & DS,, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner for PS2 and so so many many moreeeeeeeee, but i enjoyed a lot playing this games.

My Fav. songs, well here a the 2 best songs for me: Overlap (Kimeru) and Start (Nakagauchi Masakata).

My Family, well indeed, i have a big family, it`s just that we are not very united….. In fact, now that my Onee-chan has married, i live only with my mother, well we live with my aunt to, but is not very nice. I meant big `cause i have like 6 aunt`s and 1 uncle (Imagine, i have like 20 or more cousins, i don`t even know all of them), all of them sisters and brother from my mother, about my father, well i don`t know nothing, not even my onee-chan knows anything, yup, we both were raised only by our mother, and we own her everything. My Grandparents were the best, may their souls rest in peace, one of my dreams is to become like them, they were the most respectable of the community and very courageous and fair, correct in every aspect. And last but not least, my cool dog Raychu! (his name is rayo but i call him Raychu) he is a collie, just like Lassie, Honestly, i love animals, and i hate when people hurt them or mistreat them….

So, i think that covers almost everything… just remains my personality…. not too much to say, i`m relative shy, i can say i`m a down-to-earth person, but i like to be fun, in a serious way, o almost forgot, I`m a great follower of God, yup, i`m catholic and i believ in God, all my faith and hope is with him, i trust him and i will pray until the very end, no matter what, i`ll always be his fellow follower.

 Oh yeah, one more thing, many will wonder, why the chaos thing? well because i like Order and Chaos, the perfect balance between Light and Dark to make the justice prevail over anything! The Justice and Honor, the first Law of a Duelist (Yes i`m a Duel Monsters Duelist and i`m a Pro)

More about my family, well i have my Oniichan, in fact he is not my real brother but it`s my cousin, even so, he is more like a brother for me and my big sis, (he is older than my neechan) Lately i havent seen him, in fact its been a couple of years, wonder how is he doing… Also i have my nephew, actually they are 2, as far as i know, 1 of my oniichan and the other of my oneechan, shoot, kind of a word puzzle, oh yeah and they both are male, as i said, i havent senn oniichan in some years, so i guess  his son is around 5 years old, btw his name is Sam, and then we have my oneechan, who recently had her son, good lil Junior, (well he is not called Junior, but he has the same name as his father, who is my brother-in-law, and his name is Rodrigo, so my oneechans son is named Rodrigo Jr., bck again to the word puzzle, so Junior is now 7 months old, yup, he was just born last year.

More about me, mmmm not much to say, a lot of people told me that i`m of the creative type, could be true, i like to create things, in other topic, when i was at school, i was one of the best students, but only until i got to High School, i dont know why, but my grades lowered a lot, maybe i stopped caring about that, but i gratuated with flying colours, i didnt waste time in school so im proud of what i was, even if i`m not one of the best students anymore, i know i can be the once again if only i want to, but lately there is something that has been bothering me…

Mmmm ok, little by little i`ll keep adding more things to my profile so i guess this`ll do for now, thanks for your time, See ya!


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