Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

Chaos is Magic

It’s been a while since the last time I posted here, it has become an habit to take a while to update (2 months or more lol) anyways, I’m a little sick, too much work and I catched a cold, I feel just a little dizzy and with a bit of fever, I’ll be fine for tomorrow, now, I just wanted to open a new page here.

A new phenomenon has spreaded in the Internet, and it is gaining popularity with a great pace, at first you may think that it is weird, but once you check it out, you’ll get caught in the storm and your life will change, for the better! Man this might take a while, so I’ll continue the awesome explanations later, as for now, I’ll introduce the new section!

The Ponirific Chaos! Is a new page where I’ll upload the best pics about the new show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, of course that the pics will be most fanart, including my own works, as explained in the page itself, if you are a brony or at least know something about MLP:FiM then you will like it, if not, give it a chance! Check the show, I sware, it will be worth your time!  Maybe it’s the fever, but I wanted to open that page today, well, I’ll expand this on the next post, you have my word!

Now that we are with all the FiM stuff, it would be nice to share one of the most iconic songs of the show in this post, this one is really good! The good and loved Winter Wrap up song!  Enjoy it! I’m sure you will!

Hope you liked it! And one more thing, I’m sure someponies would like to hear a good reasoning to like the show, there are a lot of good reasons, but today I’ve got other things to do, but I promise that in the next post I’ll clear every doubt and I’m sure that there will be even more bronies and pegasisters!

One last thing, today is my birthday, that’s why I’m in such a hurry, but I just wanted to thank everypony! This is the first birthday that I’ve recieved so many gifts! I’m so grateful! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul!  Thank you all!

See Ya!


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