Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

Alchemy Unleashed

Howdy! I’ve been a little busy this days, but I wanted to share a few things, first of all, now I’m on Facebook, you can find me in Facebook, just type Dann Amakusa an there you go. More new things! Introducing the brand new Da LOL Corner! A new page dedicated to the most funny facts about anime and videogames, feel free to check it out, it will be worth it, anytime there is a new update on Da LOL Corner, it will be first announced here in the main site. Enjoy it!

I’ve made a new design for a new card Type for Duel Monsters, the pics will also be available on Facebook, feel the power of Transmutation!

Transmutation Monsters: A new type of monster cards, they are Gold Colored cards and they are infused with the Sun’s Light. They lived in the past, however, they were sealed with Alchemy to supress their overwhelming power. Now they have been unleashed and are ready to show their power in Duel Monsters!

Transmutation Monsters go into the Main Deck, they have Star Levels, and can only be Special Summoned, like Fusion or Synchro. They can be Set facedown into the Spell and Trap card Zone, but they won’t do anything unless you summon them.

How to perform a Transmutation Summon: First You Must Evoke the Transmutation Monster. Evoke a Transmutation Monster is to play it Face-up on your spell and trap zone, you can flip it face-up if it was already facedown on the field, or place it face-up from your hand, you can Evoke it the same turn you set it facedown. Note: You can only Evoke the Transmutation Monster if you have the requirements listed on the monster card on your side of the field or your hand.

After the Evoke, the next step is the Exchange, to perform a Exchange you must Reveal the required cards that are listed on the Transmutation Monster from your side of the field or your hand, for example, Gwydion, The Soul Banisher lists: Any Monster + Any Spell + Any Trap, so you can only evoke Gwydion if you have those cards on your hand or side of the field, then to make the exchange you reveal those to everybody, for example, I’ve got Royal Decree face-up, Man-Eater Bug facedown and Monster Reborn in my hand, I Evoke Gwydion, then I reveal the 3 cards, (Note: Man-Eater bug is being revealed, not flipped face-up, so it’s effect doesn’t activate, the same goes for any effect monster or Trap or Spell.) After revealing the 3 cards, I move on with the Exchange.

Exchange is to return the revealed cards to their owners deck, (the deck is then shuffled) and then to Special Summon the Evoked monster in any position (obviusly face-up), and there you go, that’s a Transmutation Summon!  

 Note: Tokens cannot be used as Exchange tributes. You can use cards that are either face-up or facedown in your side of the field or in your hand. If you use a card owned by your opponent, it returns to your opponent’s deck.




Well, that’s about it, I made the cards myself, without YGO card maker, everything from scratch, except the Dragon and the phoenix, the dragon is from the Dooma saga, and the phoenix was found on photobucket, however I fused them with the backgrounds, and the rest is my own invention, I also made up the whole Transmutation summon thing, but it is really cool, it would be awesome if Konami made cards like this ones, hope you like them, it took me about 3 hours to make each card, i’m telling you, it wasn’t easy to find the card font, well now that we are with Yu-Gi-Oh!, I’ll finish with the song of the post, today we have Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal opening, Masterpiece by Mihimaru GT, enjoy it!

Hope you liked everything today, hope to see more people on Facebook, I’ll try to update more often, ok, take care!

See Ya!


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