Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

Broken Bond


So! This is the first post of this month, shoot, i thought that i was going to get a little vacation, but it looks like i was wrong, its just the first week, and i’m very tired, darn it, i had to go to the doctor a few days ago, now i have another business pendant, oh.. i was planning to update a little more sooner, but you know, man propose and God dispose, but anyways, i’m finally here, so, what do we have for today?

A few weeks ago, i wrote about a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Ova that was on the making, if you recall it, it was: “Battle Royal: Yugi VS Judai VS Yusei – Deja Vu Acceleration!”, So, the official site is up, but there is something that is bothering me, is some sites i’ve seen that they refer to this as a new movie, well, i have no idea, if it is confirmed that this is a movie, or if it’s going to be a ova, oh well, the fact is that we are going to see the duel of the new millenium, the site has few info about it, but the cross over pic is just great! wanna see yourself?

Cool! Shoot, if only i could understand japanese… So, this new movie or ova, is to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th anniversary, man 10 years already, i remember the first time i had a duel…. Ok, so, sadly there is no further info available, for now, but now that the offical site is up, everything should go smothly, at least it says 2009, so i guess it will be premiered in the following months (i hope).

So, finally Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, has it’s release date, it is scheduled to be released in North America on 16 of february, 2010. So, that’s going to be my birthday gift! not exatly the same date, only a week of delay, but it’s ok, i was looking forward for it! Yeah, i’m a huge Ace Attorney fan! i’ve got all the games, except, obviusly this one, but i’m going to get it as soon as it arrives! I was kinda of dissapointed… You see, when this game was announced, there were rumours that it was going to be called: Perfect Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth, it sounded cool, more like the opposite for Phoenix, yup, it suited better Edgeworth, thought his record wasn’t perfect, but now, the offical name is: Ace Attorney Investigations, i don’t know why they named it in such way… maybe they believed that people wasnt going to be interested in a prosecutors name, so to keep with the Ace Attorney saga fame, they named it: Ace Attorney Investigations, oh yeah, one more thing, as i’ve seen so far, it looks that it wont be a courtroom system, like in the previous ones, well, i doubt that this is going to be Ace Attorney 5, this is more like a new franchise (heh.. sounds like Franziska) so, the game is already out in japan, but we have again the languaje barrier, so we all have to wait for the american release, really i can’t wait for this game, but i have to… patience…..

I’m still playing Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Konquest mode is really cool! the story of the Armageddon is one of the best i’ve got trought, but the final boss is kinda…. dissapointing… Blaze, a firespawn creature, it’s… well… a firespawn creature! The keeper of the Divine power, whoever defeats it, can make one wish come true, any wish, just like in the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho, so, that’s the main objective here, the intro video is incredible, totally rules! Everyone fighting each other, and then fighting once again to claim the big price! and yet again, the Mortal Kombat begins! The most fun feature, is without a doubt the Kreate a character, you can fully customize your character! and fight your favorite heroes and villains from mortal kombat!

 Talking about Mortal Kombat, i was just checking some info, and i found two things:

The first one, Mortal Kombat 9, after the incredible crossout between Mortal Kombat and DC universe, we all wanted to see a new game with the power of the next gen consoles, and so they are making it: Mortal Kombat 9, announced to be under development for the Xbox 360, maybe we are going to see further info next year… but for now, we only know, that the characters that will return are going to be the ones who could survive Armageddon…..

The Second one, there are rumours, and i repeat, rumours, that the third Mortal Kombat Movie is under the making, there is no official info yet, only two things are known: First, it’s set to be premiered on 2010, and Second, it is going to be called: Mortal Kombat: Devastation, as i said before, this are just rumours, but we have to wait… and hope that it’s for real! Yes, i loved the first 2 movies, i want to see a third one! Once again, we have to wait…..

So, before anything else comes up, i’ll post todays song, this one is very cool, hope you enjoy it!

Today’s song is Death Note’s First ending: Alumina, an incredible deep song, enjoy!



By: Nightmare

English Translation

In the flowing time a momentary sparkle twinkles
I keep walking to engrave the world’s memories, a believer

I had a dream no one else had, I threw away everything I didn’t need
I can’t surrender the feelings I have kept in my heart

Even if I’m still between the real and ideal, and my feet have fallen victim to shackles
These overflowing impulses cannot be suppressed because my heart still strongly yearns

“Lies” “Fear” “Vanity” “Grief”, I’m not so weak as
To be seized by such negativity, I’m a trickster that doesn’t know solitude

I look up at the buildings that pierce the night sky, the stars and such in space invisible
“Will I be lost?” I wonder

The whole town overflowing with tainted people, I won’t be lured by such things
Because I want to see something grab my hand at the end of the road connected to tomorrow

My eyes close and I surface in a sea of consciousness
That’s when I obtain the ideals I’ve pictured

Merely receiving life in the world and withering away is just as stupid as dying
I must obtain what no one else can, the crystal called “oneself”

Piercing through simplicity will one day change to the truth
I want to continue believing in it. It’s just my faith, the absolute truth

In the flowing time a momentary sparkle twinkles
I keep walking to engrave the world’s memories, a believer


Original / Romaji Lyrics 
Nagareru toki no naka matataku setsunateki kirameki wo
Kono yo no kioku ni kizamu tame arukitsudzukeru Believer

Darenimo mirenai yume wo mite iranai mono wa subete suteta
Yuzurenai omoi kono mune ni yadoshite

Mada riaru to idearu no hazama ni ite gisei no kase ni ashi wo toraretemo
Afureru shoudou osaekirenai tsuyoku motomeru kokoro ga aru kara

“Itsuwari” “Osore” “Kyoshoku” “Urei” samazama na negateibu ni
Torawareru hodo yowaku wa nai kodoku mo shiranu Trickster

Yozora wo tsukisasu biru no mure hoshi nado mienai sora miage
“Mayoi wa nai ka” to jibun ni toikakeru

Kono machijyuu afureru mono ni mamire utsutsu wo nukasu you na koto wa nai
Asu e to tsunagaru michi no hate de kono te ni tsukamu mono wo mitai kara

Mabuta wo toji ishiki no umi ni ukande
Omoi egaku risou wo te ni suru sono toki wo

Kagiri aru “sei” wo kono yo ni uke kare yuku dake wa oroka ni hitoshii
Hoka no daremo ga mochienai mono “jibunjishin” to iu na no kesshou e

Kireigoto wo tsuki tousu koto itsuka makoto e kawaru
Kantakuna ni shinji tsudzuketai It’s just my faith. The absolute truth.

Nagareru toki no naka matataku setsunateki kirameki wo
Kono yo no kioku ni kizamu tame aruki tsudzukeru Believer


Yeah! and now the video!

Cool! I hope you liked it! Well then, i guess i should finish for now, let’s see, today is Thursday, i trust i can come back sunday, so until sunday it is!

Take care! !

Minna Sayonara!!


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