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Star Force

Hello! And Happy 4th of July! I`m sure that this a great date to write a little, and better yet, to take a little break too. So today is the Independence Day for the USA, God bless America! I`d like to see the fireworks display tonight, nothing better for a summer night, but i don`t think i`d be able to do it, so i`ll just have to wait and watch it on tv, what a great way to begin a new month! So, talking about celebrations, this reminds me that tomorrow, 5th of july, is the anniversary of Venezuela, wow, if i`m not mistaken, they are close to the bicentennial, i think it will be next year… I only want to say, Congratulations for both countries!

Ok, now let`s change the topic, so, what`s new, oh yeah, i did found quite a lot of things this week, well i`ll begin with one of my favorite animes.

This week i was wondering and wondering, and somehow i came up with a idea, i wont spoil nothing for now, cause i`m totalle absorbed with my practice project, i`ll talk about later, so the only thing that i`ll say, is that my new ides is related with Yu-Gi-Oh! But let`s get to another thing, I just found the OST for this great anime, and better yet, it`s the OST from both version, the original japanesse, and the 4kids dubbed version, in case that someone doesn`t know, Yu-Gi-Oh! has different music in the japanesse version that the music we all listenned during the dubbed version, and it`s not only a few tracks, for some reason, 4kids Replaced the music, they made their own soundtrack, IMO both soundtracks are great, the original is more dark and deep, the dubbed is more techno and superficial, but both are great, in fact i spent a good time looking for the dubbed ost, i must say it was very hard to find, but i finally found it, i was so happy, my favorite track is the Egyptian Gods theme and the Seal of Orichalcos, i`m currently downloading it, there a few more tracks that i don`t have, but i will get them eventually, maybe by next week, actually, i`m now getting the first cd of the japanesse ost, it`s kind of heavy, so it may take a while, my favorite track of the original ost, it`s Yami`s theme, Passionate Duelist, it was so cool when during the duel with Jaden, Yami came up alongside the song, and he turned the table, and finally deafeted Jaden. Yup, a great anime just have great music! Now about the 5d`s saga, season 2 just finished… now it`s time for season 3! A mysterious Turbo Duelist is attacking other turbo duelists… oh shoot, i want to see what`s going to happen! darn it, i haven`t even seen the second season… But the great point, i just checked the new opening, it totally rules! As i said before, Yu-Gi-Oh! music always rocks! I was very eager to see this new opening, and it was worth it, shoot! the video is really cool! and Aki looks incredible! I couldnt believe it, she was smiling! She was so cute in her school uniform, that makes me wonder, she looks like she is 20 years old… even thought her profile says she is just 18…. Anyways, the fact that really shocked me was that she was dressed like a cheerleader… I must admit she was very cute, but iom, i doesnt suit her… I like her just like she is, cute and dangerous, i`m never going to forget that quote, oh well… shoot, i just remeber the first duel i had with her… she kicked out my butt, ja ja ja, no really, her damn Black Garden is more dangerous than i thought, and i wasn`t with my real deck too, those who have played WC series known what i mean, so i couldnt expect less, but, once that i got my true deck…. the story was other, oh shoot, off-topic again, so the fact is, that the series is really good!

Say, i`m a big fan of the Rockman series, or formerly known as Megaman, the original saga, in both the anime and the game, was incredible, the Willy wars, when Megaman had to fight the evil genius Willy, oh good memories…. so, the series evolved, and then we all meet the new Megaman X saga, an evolved form of the old good Megaman, with more armor and cool movements, and the introduction of one of my favorite characters, the cool Zero, in an age, where mavericks rule the world, leadered by the evil virus Sigma, a new war unleashed! With a cool manga, great videogames, and an ova, i`m sure that i had that ova, but i dont remeber where i put it…., Rockman X saga was great! As i said, Zero was a cool character in the Rockman series, he was so cool, that he had his own saga! the Rockman Zero saga! More like an spinoff of the series,  but it was great, so this were the golden days for Rockman, alongside with other Rockman spinoff, i`m not certain about how is it, cause i`ve never played none of that specific sagas games, but it looked all right… i`d play one of this days, once i do it, i will write about it, so, everything was going great, until one day…. We all wanted a new Rockman saga, but no one expected what it was going to come…. Then Rockman Exe was born, IMO the worst of the Megaman sagas, formerly known as Megaman Battle Network, this was the only series that i hated from all the franchise, really, c`mon, a net navi? what the heck is that?, chip battles.. OMG, that was so freaking terrible! i was so dissapointed…. So, thanks to that, i stopped paying attention to the Rockman world… i was just about to forget about it… until recently, i found that there have been released a new Megaman saga, as commemorative for Rockmans 20th anniversary, and also, that they had released the videogame of the new series, as usual, i made my investigations….. A new star had born! Ryuusei no Rockman was born! Both as an anime and as a videogame, at the beginning, it looked a lot like Battle network, but the story is totally different, and that`s what caught my attention, the main character, Geo Stelar, is a boy who lost his father, supposedly, he died in the space, i don`t know much, i haven`t seen the series…. yet. The point is that this saga looks incredible, it is currently known as Megaman Star Force, 3 games about it have been released for the DS, i`ve already got them all! Mine are: Dragon, Zerken x Saurus, and Black Ace btw. And the anime looks cool, and the first opening song it`s just amazing, i love the song, and i want to share it with everyone, that`s why the Megaman Star Force opening will feature todays song!

I really like this song very much! The name is Heart Wave, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did it the first time i`ve listenned it!   



By: Misora Hibiki


Romaji Lyric

Tobikau SHIGUNARU sorezore no kyou wo nosete

Onaji shyuuhasu kasane ai kimi to hanasu

Mayoi tamerai wo furi kiri

Soko ni aru hazu no michi wo ikou

Miageru sora wa kokoro ni tsumoru negai no iro

Egaku yume wo utsushidasu

Kanarazu itsuka kono te ni fureru asu he no chizu

Tsuyoku takaku todoku made kagayaite


English Translation

Flying past every signal that rides today

You speak of setting the same joint frequency

Hesitating, faltering, showing the limits

There should be a road there to take

Looking up at the heavens the colors of desire pile up in my heart

I’ll paint my dreams so I can reflect them

One day without fail this hand will touch the map for tomorrow

Stronger, taller, reaching until it shines


And now, the video! Enjoy!

I hope you liked it! Sadly i wasnt able to find the full song… but i wont give up! This song is to awesome! I want to have it full!

So, my project is taking a lot more than i expected, according to the stats, i`m like 70% done about the script, and the programming… well just like 10%…. but, it will be worth it, at this rate i can`t tell if the soft will work, so i`ve got to hurry up, that reminds me, i have to download something else, oh shoot, i`ll never finish at this rate, i`d better get going if i want to end soon, so i`ll just leave for now, thanks everyone for returning here in a while, i`d like to have more visitors, but there is no rush, so take it easy for now, and relax!

Thanks again for everything and i hope to see you all soon, and remeber, God will always be with us!

Minna Sayonara!


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