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Power Play


So… half year is gone… mmm funny, i thought that it was going to last longer than this, the only thing that i know for sure it’s that until now, this year was a tough one, at least for me, but i`m not here to talk about that.

Shoot, i`m very tired, this is the first time that i write a complete dialogue sequence, but it`s not that easy, but it got along quite good, well you see, the other day, meanwhile i was downloading some interesting stuff, i started the whole “practice” project, it took all my strenght and my mind, i couldnt even play Pokemon Ranger, sadly, i wont be able to make that project public, as i said, it`s just an experiment, and it’s not worth it to make it public, it will only be called “practice” project, and i wont give further info about it, the fact is, that i didnt finish yet, most of the script is done, but there some things that i must fix, if everything goes well, i believe that i`ll start the true projects, i`ve got some good ideas that i want to give a try, so, until then i must work a little more, it`s a lot of work for a single person, so gotta be patient. As you`ll understand, i cant update the other roads yet, i must finish the “practice” project in order to move on, but i guess it wont take to much time more.

Today’s Song! This one is really cool, it is the opening song of Shinzo,  aka Mushrambo, and yep, it`s the japanesse song, with the same tittle as this post, the song is called Power Play, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!



By: Miyazaki Ayumi


Dou datte ii yo Ki no muku mama ni ikite ‘ru n’ da
Tsumazuku koto ga tama ni attatte tachiagareba ii dake
Sugita koto nado kamawanai Bakuhatsu shite ‘ru kono omoi wa
Hito-suji nawa ja tomerarenai kowai mono nado ni mo nai

Hateshinai sora kechirashi mirai wo kanjita toki
Omou mama ni moete ‘ru genki wo butsukete yaru!

Ikutsu mo no yume wo dakishimetai tomaranu sekai wo kakemegure
Nakusu koto no nai kono negai wo kanaeyou Itsu ka
Kono chikara wo shinjiru dake

Donna yatsu datte hazusu koto mo toki ni wa aru yo
Honto no jibun sarakedashitatte
Hazukashii koto nai n’ ja nai?
Kagami ni utsusu jibun ni kiai iretara waraitai ne
Majime-gao shite ii kobuttatte nani mo hajimaranai daro?

Densetsu no basho motomete seigi wo mune ni yadoseba
Abareru yuuki sakebi-hajimetara hajikete ike

Shinjiau kokoro dakishimetara makenai Dare ni mo jama dekinai
Tadoritsuku toki e yume wo nosete kibou no kaze wo
Ima kono te ni kanjite ‘ru yo

Ikutsu mo no yume wo dakishimetai Tomaranu sekai wo kakemegure
Nakusu koto no nai kono negai wo kanaeyou Itsu ka
Kono chikara no kagiri ni
Shinjiau kokoro dakishimetara makenai Dare ni mo jama dekinai
Tadoritsuku toki e yume wo nosete kibou no kaze wo
Ima kono te ni kanjite ‘ru motomete iru mirai made
Kono chikara wo shinjiru dake


All right, now here is the video, Enjoy!

A great song without doubt! Wonder why they always cut the great Jap songs when they dub the anime, and then they replace it with some odd tunes… But, thanks to the fans, we are all able to enjoy the original music and some other things from Japan!

Talking about good things from Japan, i don’t how, i just got hooked again with Duel Masters, yes it`s truth i like the series, and i was just wandering around the net, and i found that Duel Masters had a movie, and i said, shoot how is that no one told me before?, well the fact is that the movie is in japanesse, just as the movie of Ultimate Muscle, another good anime that i cant watch the movie cause i dont speak japanesse, and no group has subbed anyone of those, so i`m in the shadows, both movies are up at youtube, btw thank you uploaders!, but as i said, they arent subbed…. hope that some day one fansub team take the job…

Talking about Duel Masters, i didnt know that there was manga about it, but it`s true, and it looks rather cool, the trouble is that the manga is not scanned (it seems, i havent made my special search yet) so im dissapointed once again, and there is more, i was just checking and i found that there were also a Duel Masters Game for the Ps2…. darn it, where was i? oh well, the good thing about this one is that it was lereased in english, so in my next shipment this game will be for sure, the only matter now is money…

Talking about duels, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d`s season 2 just finished, i`ve got no idea how the hell did Yusei defeated Godwin`s Earthbound Inmortal Wiracocha Rasqa, and i looks like i wont find it out for a while, i cant watch it on the net, cause i dont want to spoil myself, i only saw yugioh 5d’s up to episode 31, this wednesday will air episode 65….. shoot….

At least my copy of SMT: Devil Survivor arrived well, but i havent tried it out yet…. oh that reminds me, tomorrow comes up Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming!

Oh well, it`s getting late, i must work in the project, at least a little, today i`ve been out almos all day until now, so i`d better get working, so i believe that the next post will be on next month, i`ll see if i can find something interesting until then…

Well then, thanks everyone for being here once again! Hope to see you all soon, Take Care!!

Minna Sayonara!


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