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So, mmmm i know i said i was going to update a little more, and maybe add something new, but the truth is that i couldnt do it, i`ll do it for sure, but not for now, the reason is .. in this days i just got some updates for a lot of my software, yup and along with those i finally got a new soft that will help me in my projects, the old ones werent so good, so i was looking for new tools, and while reserching i found something that looked great, so now i got it, but i have to test it, and it might take a while, even to develop a little thing, so for now i`ve got some work to do, i have to write A LOT of script, and this just for my little example project, so the real thing may become a little tougher, but is nothing that i couldnt handle by myself, so thats why i may not update the other roads as soon as expected, but i`ll be hanging around here, so youll get news about me.

So, i just got the single of the ending song of Dragon Ball Kai, it has 4 songs:

01 – Yeah! Break! Care! Break!

02 – Over the Star

03 – Yeah! Break! Care Break! (Original Karaoke)

04 –  Over the Star (Original Karaoke)

A good song, i was expecting this release for like a month, and it was just released yesterday, and it will be todays song, so let`s go to the lyric!


Dragon Ball Kai Ending 1

By: Takayoshi Tanimoto

English version
Yeah! Break! Care! Break! With all your power!
Fly towards the infinite sky
Riding on the winds
I can go anywhere in a moment
Looking ahead is the best
Let’s go tip-top! All right?
It’s like waking from a dream, this blue Earth
This irreplaceable planet, no way I’ll hand it over
Send it flying, kamehameha!
This time of troubles
You were born to protect the world, after all
Yeah! Break! Care! Break! With all your power! Do it, at full power!
Hope is my weapon
Believe in the future!


Romaji Lyric


Yeah! Break! Care! Break! omoikkiri
tobunda mugen no sora he
jetto kiryuu ni nokkari
doko de mo iku yo sokkou
mukou mizutte saikou
Let’s go tip-top! All right?
me mo sameru you na aoi chikyuu
kake gaenai kono hoshi yuzurenai kara
hajike tobase kamehameha
yaba me no kono jidai
sekai wo mamoru tame umareta kara
Yeah! Break! Care! Break! omoikkiri
yarunda furu pawaa
kibou ga ore no buki dakara
mirai shinjide


Great song! oh yeah, you want to hear it to, almost forgot, here it is, hope you like it!!

All right, well there are a few news that caught my attention in this days, first of all, there will be a new trilogy of Dragon Ball Games coming up, each per console, that means 3 consoles, first: Dragon Ball Kai: Saiyans Invasion for the Nintendo DS, this game follows the story of the first season of Dragon Ball Kai, covering all about the Saiyans saga, in a great RPG Style, i`ll be lloking forward for getting this game, said to be out in the States around winter, hope it`s sooner. The second: Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast for Xbox 360, altough i dont own a 360 (for now..) this game lloks incredible awesome, a lot better than Burst Limit that was released last year for th PS3, Raging Blast seems to be the game that will finally defeat Budokai 3, and become the best Dragon Ball Z game ever! i want to see more! but well have to wait… no release date yet.. And Finally the last game: Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo for Nintendo Wii, sadly this wont be a fighting game, but it will be a beat-them-up, mmm but the graphics are looking good, this might me a great game, but as with the others, the US release isnt set yet, but they are already out in Japan, so well have to wait….

So, the PSP is getting better and better, i hope the release of the PSP Go dont ruin it, a new GTA will be released for PSP, its going to be the full counterpart of the DS GTA: Chinatown Wars, yup, the PSP version will be just like the previous, with full enviroment, the question is, the DS version (i`ve got it, yeah!) has a lot of interaction with the stylus… to steal the cars you had to make good use of the stylus just as in real life, is not like i`ve stealed a car before…., and many more things, one thing is sure, both games wont be the same, there will be a lot of differeneces, so i`m getting both versions, as i said i already have the DS version, so i`ll just wait for this release, yess i wanted a new GTA were i could put Custom Music, hope this will be as great as the other GTA!

So, the end of Jetix is coming faster, but i`ve got a little surprise, an non official schedule of Disney XD for LatinoA, mmm there wont be major changes, in fact, it might become even better than Jetix itself, but that doesnt mean that i`ll like Disney, so what i wanted to say is that Dinosaur King will remain in Disney XD schedule… mmm and thats not all, they are going to put back Digimon Season 1, well it`s truth that in the States, in Disney XD was scheduled Digimon Savers and other anime witchs name i dont remember now, but they were there, so maybe they might do the same in LatinoA, i dont know about Europe, but im certain about the States and LatinoA, mmm well as i said, the info wasnt official, at least not yet, but who knows, the good thing, it looked that they were going to finally get raid of Pucca, oh man, i hated that series, i wasnt even funny, but once again, is not official, well it just remains a few days…

I was just playing Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, i found the game quite easy, even easier than the previous one, the hardest Pokemon to get as far was a Gastrodon, it was the only Pokemon yet that harmed my Styler a little, but i captured it without major problems, well i just gratuated from the Ranger School and made a few missions… but until now it has been very easy, hope it gets a little challenging in the upcoming missions.

It might be just a rumour, but i`ve heard that there might be a Rune Factory  3 game, it would be great! i just loved playing the first one, at the beginning was easy, but later it become very hard, but in the end i managed to beat the soty mode, and i so i got married there, i choosed Lara, she was the best for me. It was a little weird during the wedding when Mist came up and said that her wedding gift was the house were i was living… i know that she let me live there in the beginning, even tough it was a game, it felt weird…. you have to play the game to understand what i`m talking about…..  

So, meanwhile my copy of Devil Survivor arrives, i`ll be working in my Script, i`ll post here all the advances i manage to get, for now, i`ll leave, but i`ll be back!

Thanks  everyone for returning to my blog, hope i got more visitors… well for now i`ll put hands to work, see ya soon!

Minna Sayonara!


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