Clustering Runes Will Enlighten a New Future!

When World`s Collide

Hello! Wow, time is going up way to fast, we are almost half month,  at this rate this year will come to an end very soon, so it`s better to dont waste the time. So let`s get started, first of all, today i`m very shocked, and i mean it, the reason? well, there are 2, first one, i never expeceted to be dragged down for an anime that i said i wasnt going to watch… i dont know what happaned… and it`s hitting me very hard, if this continues i might even buy the full series and get the manga, shoot, and which anime may you ask, well it`s Code Geass, darn it, can`t belive i ended liking it…. i`m even thinking in getting the DS Game, oh well, it`s not that important, at least the girls in there are very cute,  particularly Kallen, darn it,  maybe thats the reason! I`ll wait a little more to get both the DS and PSP versions of Code Geass, until there is finished a good patch, i dont like to play RPG in japanesse, i like to understand the story, so i`ll have to wait…

The other reason was more shocking….. a LOT more shocking, , man i can`t believe it even now….. so, how many of you people know the Bakugan Battle Brawlers?, i`ll just begin to play it, and make me a pro when the Wii version cames up in october or november of this year, first i have to find a Guardian Bakugan (tough task.. all good ones are already being used….) but the only reason that i`m going to play Bakugan it`s to kick both Dan`s and Shun`s butts in their own game cause i`m going to be always a Duelist from heart and soul! oh man… out of topic again, so, what was the shocking thing? oh yeah, if you have seen Bakugan you must Know Alice, the cute orange-haired girl that doesnt have a bakugan and for some reason she knows everything about the game, and if you have seen the series or at least one episode, you must know who is the main villain.. well it`s Masquerade, the blonde guy with a mask and cool Dark Bakugans, well, you may ask what is the fact about all of this, (if you havent seen all the first season by now) mmm i dont know how to say this.. but i must say it anyways, oh yeah, i forgot about the SPOILERS alert, maybe a little late, but don`t say i didnt warn you, Bakugan fans wanted to know who is behind Masquerade`s mask, well if you havent figured out by now, it`s Alice, yup, the cute girl is behind the mask, i wont come in details now cause im just getting into the game, but anyways, that was a shock, something so shocking that i had to write it somewhere, oh yes and one last thing that shocked me in this days, that my copy of Miami Law for the DS has not arrived yet, shoot i was waiting for that game… and now that i was going to get Flower, Sun and Rain(weird name for a DS action game, but if you doubt about it, just google it and you`ll see) i dont seem to find it anywhere! what`s going on? i hope this dont happen with my copies of Harvest Moon Frantic Farming and Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor that are going to be released in the next week….

I was thinking on playing Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia for the DS, or maybe Final Fantasy X for the Ps2, mmm i cant decide, so, with all of this, i forgot why i choose that name for the post…

With no animes to watch on the tv… there isnt much to see, but i just got hooked up with a good series, well, its no new, it has run for quite some time by now, it`s not an anime, but damn it`s very good, im talking about Total Drama Island, or just TDI, it`s the coolest cartoon i`ve seen in this decade, really, it`s been a long time since a saw a good cartoon, but finally i found TDI, a reality show with more than the normal things, 22 different persons that want  to win the price money, oh man, i forgot how much was, but it doesnt matter at all, the tests that the competitors face are just hilarious, the series is indeed very funny and with very interesting ideas, i`m very eager to see the second season known as Total Drama Action, can`t wait to see how its going to end, and i hope to see a whole new season with a brand new cast, that would be the best!! yeah, totally recommended! if you can watch it, do it! you wont regret it! 5 Stars!! Totally rules!

Very good news, finally there is going to be manga for Castlevania! the great saga of the eternal battle between Dracula  and the Belmonts Clan… the manga is going to be of 2 chapters, and the first one is already out, the name of the manga is: Castlevania:Curse of Darkness, mmm just the same as the game, but it`s not related to that game, instead, it tells another story in another time, hope to get this very soon, i`ll tell everyone once i get it, yup i`ll be looking out for it, and if someone manages to get it first, please let me now.

Good and Bad news for Latinoamerica, first the good one, it looks like Naruto is going to back to Cartoon Network, and with new episodes, the saga of the war against the sand and Orochimarus plan to kill the 3rd Hokage are ready! This is said to come to CN LA this July, after the month of Ben Ten, and Naruto will come along with new episodes of Pokemon D&P: Battle Dimension (maybe the first ones of Galactic Battles?), Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Powerpuff Girls Z, so it looks like CN will return to have a decent programation, so, everyone be happy!

And now, the bad news, people, you remenber Fox Kids? how i would forget about the best channel that existed?, well, we all know that the evil company of Disney bought the Fox Kids network and ruined it, destroying a lot of dreams, they named the new channel, Jetix… well, with time Jetix made up a little bringing some good series, we remember Oban Star Racers and Dinosaur King, very good series, but once again, the evil Disney comes to ruin all the hopes and dreams of the people who once in the time knew Fox Kids… they are going to destroy Jetix as well, and what is going to come? the awful channel, called Disney XD, yes, it is going to replace Jetix, it already did it in europe and the States, and next its Latino America, starting in July, Jetix will no longer exist, and Disney will become even more rich, over the tears and the broken hopes and dreams of the poor people, it`s not fair, if you see the shows that are going to be there, youll see that its only a clon of the Original Disney Channel, they worst shows will go there, so, let`s watch the last days of Jetix, i prefer to dont have Cable, before watching Disney Channel or this new thing called Disney XD. 

Damn, sadly it`s truth… oh, let`s cheer up with a good song, here is the lyric of the first opening of Code Geass, hope you like it:


Vocals: FLOW

English Translation

Moments that seem like they can change both me
And even the world are always right next to me…

Gazing at the irritation I can’t hide and myself as I stand stock still

Despite my hesitation, despite my worries, despite my regrets, I should decide
With one word you’ve given me, my bewilderment vanishes

Light shone in my once empty room

The sky I gazed up at is so blue and serene
I decided to open up a window that was shut
Moments that seem like they can change both me
And even the world are always right next to me…

Searching for answers that must be in the unfulfillable everyday

If I turn around towards the lonesome, gentle voice in the sunlight

You unexpectedly smile in the midst of brilliant sunlight
I’m about to open up a window that was shut
An existence that seems like it can change both me
And even the world is right in front of my eyes…

The sky I gazed up at is so blue and serene
I decided to open up a window that was shut
Right now, I sense here a moment that seems
Like it can change me and even the world…
Spread both your hands towards the light…

A fragrant wind the color of the sky blows through my heart


Original / Romaji Lyrics
Jibun wo    sekai sae mo    kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan ha    itsumo sugu soba ni…

Kakusenu iradachi to    tachitsukusu jibun wo    mitsume

Mayoinagara    nayaminagara    kuyaminagara    kimereba ii sa
Kimi ga kureta    kotoba hitotsu    tomadoi ha kiesari

Karappo datta    boku no heya ni    hikari ga sashita

Miageta oozora ga    aoku sumikitte yuku
Tozashita    mado wo    hiraku koto wo kimeta
Jibun wo    sekai sae mo    kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan ha    itsumo sugu soba ni…

Mitasenu nichijou ni    aru hazu no kotae wo    sagashite

Asahi ni hitori     yawaraka na koe ni    furimukeba

Mabayui hizashi no naka    futo kimi ga homoemu
Tozashita    mado ga    hirakisou ni naru
Jibun wo    sekai sae mo    kaete shimaesou na
Sonzai ha    boku no me no mae ni…

Miageta oozora ga    aoku sumikitte yuku
Tozashita    mado wo    hiraku koto wo kimeta
Jibun wo    sekai sae mo    kaete shimaesou na
Shunkan wo    kanjiru ima koko ni…
Hikari he to    ryoute wo nobashite…

Kokoro wo fukinukeru    sora no iro    kaoru kaze

Here is the song!

well, i hope all of you enjoyed it, this will wrap todays post, so, in the next one i wont be so overcritical, i`ll make a good list of dome good games, and maybe a little more, if i offended someone with any of my commentary, i beg your pardon please, that wasnt my intention, instead, id love to hear opinions, mmm ill put more effort in developing the official site, so i can build a forum, that would be the best way to discuss everything!, i`ll announce that as soon im finished, it may take some time, but i`ll do it.

So, it comes to the end, i hope to surpass the 100 hits with this post, so, i`ll see you all next week! thanks for everything

Minna Sayonara!


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